Introducing The New GroupDocs Dashboard and Online Document Viewer UI

We’re about to launch a new interface for the GroupDocs Dashboard and our online document viewer app. We have overhauled the look and feel of the tools to make them more intuitive to use. At the moment, we’re adding the final touches and making sure that everything works fine. The changes will be live in the next few weeks. Here’s what will change when the new interface goes live: Dashboard interface:
  • Easier navigation thanks to added breadcrumbs;
  • All applications will be available from the Dashboard menu;
  • Drag and drop interface – allows you to easily upload documents;
  • Document sorting options – allows you to find documents quickly.
Online document viewer interface:
  • Improved look and feel;
  • Easier navigation.

Easier Document Management with the New Dashboard

GroupDocs is mainly used by small and medium companies as an online document management solution. We value your time and always work on interface improvements to make it intuitive and easy to use. We’re about to change the dashboard and the online document viewer, so that you will be able to:
  • See who your documents are shared with;
  • See when they were last modified;
  • See their size, file format and name;
  • Convert document easily and quickly;
  • Upload documents by simply dropping them onto the drop files area.
The new GroupDocs Dashboard interface

The new GroupDocs Dashboard interface

Easier navigation

We’ve added a breadcrumb trail to the GroupDocs Dashboard so that it is easier to navigate your folders. You can now click on a folder in the breadcrumb trail to go to it directly.
UGroupDocs Dashboard - Breadcrumb trail

GroupDocs Dashboard – Breadcrumb trail

Access Applications from the Dashboard Menu

All GroupDocs applications are now available and quickly accessible from the Dashboard menu.
GroupDocs Dashboard - The new menu

GroupDocs Dashboard – The new menu

Drag and Drop to Upload Documents

To upload documents, simply drag and drop them onto the Drop Files area in the GroupDocs Dashboard. The files are automatically uploaded to the current folder.
GroupDocs Dashboard - Drag and drop interface

GroupDocs Dashboard – Drag and drop interface

Sort Documents

Organize your documents the way that suits you best by sorting them. By default, files are sorted in alphabetical order. You can change the order they are listed in by clicking column headers.

Improved Interface of the Online Document Viewer App

The new interface of GroupDocs’ online document viewer app makes it easier to navigate a document. We’ve added a thumbnails feature, so that you can quickly move from one page to another. Also, you can now quickly access a set of handy tools that allow you to work with the document online.
Improved Interface of the Online Document Viewer App

Improved interface of the online document viewer