Keep Up With What We’re Doing: Read GroupDocs Newsletters

GroupDocs changes regularly as we introduce new features and update the interface. It’s easy to keep up with what’s happening:
  • Follow this blog. We post weekly, sometimes even more often, with recent and upcoming changes.
  • Read the GroupDocs newsletter. On the first of every month, we send out news about what we’ve been up to in the last month. We share what new features we are planning, our most popular blog post and any media we’ve had.
The May 2012 GroupDocs newsletter is our first issue. In it, you’ll find out what we’re working on right now, what new features we’ve released recently, what other people are saying about us, and what we’re saying in this blog. You can read the May GroupDocs newsletter here.
A peek at the GroupDocs newsletter, May 2012.

A peek at the GroupDocs newsletter, May 2012.