The GroupDocs dashboard provides you with several features for organizing files and folders. The new dashboard is very user friendly, so you get familiar with it pretty quickly. In this post, we focus on the GroupDocs dashboard. I’m going to list some of GroupDocs dashboard’s key features useful for [document management]("online document management"): [caption id=“attachment_402” align=“alignnone” width=“622” caption=“Fig.1: GroupDocs dashboard helps you organise your files and folders for better document management”]GroupDocs dashboard helps you organise your files and folders for better document management [/caption]

  • Perform actions easily: One of the main features of the GroupDocs dashboard is it intuitiveness. For instance, it’s easy to access the action menu and perform actions on your files, for example, copy, move, share, delete, download, and archive.

  • Simple upload: Simply drag and drop your files to the DROP FILES HEREarea to upload them quickly. The uploaded files are listed on the dashboard. [caption id=“attachment_435” align=“alignnone” width=“597” caption=“Fig.2: GroupDocs dashboard permits you to drag and drop your files for instant upload”]GroupDocs dashboard permits you to drag and drop your files for instant upload [/caption]

  • View folder and file info: The dashboard shows you information about folders and files. For example, file format, modification date, size, whom it’s shared with, etc. This helps you to quickly find documents.

  • Sort your files: The GroupDocs dashboard lets you sort files according to format, size, or modification date. Sort your files the way you want to you can finding files quickly.

  • Folder creation and navigation: Folder creation and navigation are super simple. Create as many folder you want, organize parent and child folders. The breadcrumb trail allows you to navigate easily without getting lost. [caption id=“attachment_423” align=“alignnone” width=“597” caption=“Fig.3: Breadcrumb trail from GroupDocs allows easy folder navigation”]Breadcrumb trail from GroupDocs allows easy folder navigation [/caption]

  • Search for files or folders: If you want to use an important file/folder instantly, but unable to find it, don’t worry! use the search box to find it quickly.

  • Convert files: You can find many individual file conversion services online, which focus mainly on one particular type of file conversion. On contrary, using GroupDocs dashboard, you can convert your files into a variety of formats. GroupDocs support multiple file formats and their conversions. For instance, it supports DOCX to PDF, DOCX to HTML, DOCX to EPUB, PDF to JPEG, PNG to JPEG, to name a few.

  • Manage files: GroupDocs dashboard has the features you’d expect from a file browser so you can easily move, copy and delete files.

  • Share: Share important documents or folders with your friends or colleagues. Save time and effort through document collaboration.

  • Archive: When you no longer need a document, you can simply archive it. Archived documents can be retrieved later if required.

  • Download: If you need a soft copy of a document on your dashboard, simply download it to your computer. This is really useful for backing up your important documents.

  • Access other GroupDocs apps: From the GroupDocs dashboard, you access the other GroupDocs apps. [caption id=“attachment_453” align=“alignnone” width=“597” caption=“Fig.4: Access other applications from GroupDocs dashboard”]Access other applications from GroupDocs dashboard [/caption]

Good organisation plays a key role in document management. GroupDocs helps you to achieve this. Experience GroupDocs today and find a better document management solution.