GroupDocs Comparison is a web-based tool that allows you to compare Word documents, as well as PDF, Excel and other documents online. It combines two documents and highlights differences. While comparing documents, the app generates a redline and blueline view of how the documents differ. GroupDocs’ document comparison tool highlights the differences this way: red strike-outs show deleted text and formatting; and blue underlines show added text and formatting. GroupDocs Comparison is mainly used to compare two Word documents. Our document comparison tool also supports PPTX, PDF, and Excel document formats, but they are in a beta stage.

Why Compare Documents with the GroupDocs’ Comparison Tool?

With numerous collaborators performing modifications and revisions, maintaining an audit trail of document versions is quite a difficult task. Document comparison is especially useful when managing document revisions over time, specifically when modifications were made without change tracking. GroupDocs Comparison is a convenient document comparison tool that helps you compare Word documents in minutes, saving time. Here are the key benefits of GroupDocs’ document comparison tool:

  • Avoid the time consuming cut-and-paste and merge methods.
  • Compare Word documents in any language and of any size.
  • Compare documents to determine the latest version. This lets you identify and remove obsolete documents.
  • Experience speedy, accurate comparisons without going through the entire document yourself. Simply upload the documents you want to compare and click Compare. GroupDocs Comparison does the rest.
  • Save time and improve accuracy. Manual comparison takes time and leaves your comparison process prone to pricey errors and oversights.
  • Protect your documents from unauthorized modifications. GroupDocs’ document comparison app helps you see what’s been added, edited or deleted. This way, you can instantly spot and clear any unauthorized changes.

Finalize a Document Faster by Working Online

Instead of downloading the compared document to decline or accept changes, do it directly with GroupDocs Comparison right in a web-browser. This helps you to finalize the document faster, as you have the option to do majority of the work online.