GroupDocs September, 2012 Newsletter – Integration with Windows Azure and Other 3rd-Party Platforms

We are happy to announce that we’ve integrated GroupDocs with several 3rd party platforms in the last month. An important integration was with Windows Azure, which gives our users another storage service option for their documents. In September, a few more integrations are in the pipeline, including the GroupDocs Viewer plugins for Concrete5, Moodle 1.9, Moodle 2.x, SugarCRM, and TinyMCE. We’re also working on a number of application enhancements. We’re always enhancing the GroupDocs user experience with new features. Here is a list of some features that we’ve added recently. Log in to your GroupDocs account and try out the improvements!
  • GroupDocs integration:
    • Integration with Windows Azure: We’ve integrated Windows Azure for storage provisions. GroupDocs users can now configure Windows Azure as their default storage service provider from within their GroupDocs account.
    • Integration with Umbraco: We’ve released a new GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Umbraco users. They can now easily embed documents along with our high-fidelity viewer in Umbraco pages. It’s really easy to upload and install the GroupDocs Viewer plugin with Umbraco. With this plugin installed, Umbraco users can embed and use GroupDocs Viewer as a Word viewer, PDF viewer, a Spreadsheet viewer, etc. All common file formats are supported.
    • Integration with Orchard: Orchard users can now download and install the new GroupDocs viewer plugin for Orchard. Install our viewer plugin to embed a variety of documents as well as our all-in-one viewer into your Orchard pages. Straightforward installation makes things easier for you. All common file formats are supported, so website visitors can simply click and read your documents without installing any additional software or add-on.
    • Integration with DotNetNuke We’ve introduced a new GroupDocs Viewer plugin for DotNetNuke. Simply install this plugin and embed multiple files along with our high-fidelity viewer into your DotNetNuke pages. The embedded documents retain the same quality and style as the original document.
    • Integration with Kentico: The introduction of a new plugin for Kentico lets users of the Kentico CMS embed our high-fidelity viewer along with a document into their Kentico pages. Visitors to your webiste simply click and view documents online with ease. Enjoy all GroupDocs Viewer’s features on your site exactly as you do in GroupDocs.
    • Integration with Tumblr: Good news to Tumblr blog users. You can now simply embed GroupDocs Viewer with a document into your Tumblr pages. You can embed our document in two ways: iframe embedding or theme customization. iframe embedding can be done by simply pasting the GroupDocs Viewer iframe code to the HTML editor in your Tumblr page. Another option is to configure the viewer theme in the Tumblr theme editor. Your Tumblr blog visitors can now simply view documents online using our efficient document viewer.
  • GroupDocs dashboard enhancement:
    • New Grid View that allows easy organization of your files
    • Group operations on the dashboard (multi-selection for copy, move, delete, etc.)
    • Minor file breadcrumbs enhancements

Expect these exciting features in the near future:
  • GroupDocs Viewer:
    • GroupDocs Viewer v2.0 – this will include multiple viewing options to support a wide range of devices.
    • Page flipping effects and side scrolling using HTML5.
  • GroupDocs Signature:
    • New “My Forms” functionality, which will let users configure forms for signing, allowing them to prepare a form template and then just share a link.
  • GroupDocs Dashboard:
    • Thumbnails displayed in the new grid view.
  • GroupDocs integrations:
    • GroupDocs Annotation plugin for multiple platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco, DotNetNuke and many more.
Good news from GroupDocs to all Dropbox users. We’ve integrated Dropbox with GroupDocs, so you can now access all your Dropbox files and folders from your GroupDocs account. Accessing your Dropbox folders and files is so simple. Use the Integration area in your profile management page to log in to your Dropbox account. Once logged in, you can access your Dropbox files and folder using the Dropbox shortcut folder in the files/folder area of GroupDocs’ main dashboard. Read More Thank you for choosing GroupDocs. The GroupDocs Team