We’re happy to announce that Amazon Web Service (AWS) has been integrated with GroupDocs , which allows us to offer you a new storage provision. You can now choose Amazon S3 as your default storage provider in GroupDocs. With this provision, you can store your files in your Amazon S3 bucket directly. Flexible storage provision is a key factor to consider when selecting document management solutions. With this integration, we  make your document management process more flexible. Importantly, it puts you in charge of what storage provider you choose. [caption id=“attachment_863” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Announcing AWS integration with GroupDocs’ document management solutions”]Announcing AWS integration with GroupDocs’ document management solutions [/caption] Integration of AWS with GroupDocs offers several benefits:  

  • It opens up the possibility of uploading large volumes of files for use as input to the various GroupDocs applications.
  • It offers the flexibility to choose your service provider. That is, instead of offering a single, default choice, we let you decide on your storage service provider.
  • it lets you take advantage of AWS’ enhanced data security options.
  • It makes it easy to integrate your document management with third-party applications.

[caption id=“attachment_1023” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Configure Amazon S3 as your default storage provider from within GroupDocs”]Configure Amazon S3 as your default storage provider from within GroupDocs [/caption] GroupDocs lets you configure Amazon S3 as a storage provider from within your GroupDocs account. To do so, you need to have an AWS account and an Amazon S3 bucket to store the files in. After creating an AWS/Amazon S3 account, you get security credentials: the access key ID and the secret access key. Then, create an S3 bucket for your GroupDocs files. Give the bucket a name that relates to GroupDocs so you can identify it easily. Once you have the security credentials and have created an S3 bucket, log in to GroupDocs to configure these details in your account. Go to the Storage Provider area of your profile page. Select Amazon S3 from the Provider list, enter the access key ID, secret access key, and bucket name in the required fields and save the changes. It’s done! You’ve just configured Amazon S3 as your default GroupDocs storage service provider. Please refer to our Integration of GroupDocs with Amazon S3 documentation to get a detailed description of how to integrate with AWS. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make your document management process easy and flexible. So, why wait? Register and log in to your GroupDocs account to try these enhancements. We value your suggestions and feedback; please use our Live Chat support or our official feedback forum to talk to us. Get in touch with our newsletters and blog; we’ll keep you updated about all the enhancements happening in GroupDocs.