GroupDocs October, 2012 Newsletter – Integration with More CMSs, and GroupDocs Signature Enhancements

We are excited to announce that we continued to integrate with 3rd party platforms in the month of September. For the coming month, we’re working on application enhancements like a new app interface design for document annotation and enhanced dashboard functionality for document assembly. We’ll also continue to extend our app integration to more 3rd party platforms.

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We’re always enhancing the GroupDocs user experience with new features. Here is a list of some features that we’ve added recently. Log in to your GroupDocs account and try out the improvement
  • GroupDocs integration:
    • Integration with Radiant: A GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Radiant CMS is now available for download from the GroupDocs Marketplace.  You can use this efficient plugin to embed GroupDocs’ high-fidelity online document viewer as well as multi-format documents to Radiant websites. GroupDocs’ online document viewer offers smooth rendering so as to retain the same quality and style of the original document. Install and use this plugin to enjoy GroupDocs’ all-in-one viewer as a Word viewer (DOC or DOCX viewer), a PDF viewer, or a spreadsheet viewer.
    • Integration with Moodle: A GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Moodle CMS is now available for download from the GroupDocs Marketplace. With this plugin installed, you can embed GroupDocs’ efficient online document viewer and documents to Moodle websites. You can view documents online in the exact quality as they originally appear. GroupDocs Viewer supports all common business formats. Simply install and use this plugin to embed and use our online document viewer as a Word viewer, PDF viewer, or a spreadsheet viewer, and many others.
  • GroupDocs Signature enhancement:
    • Added new My Forms functionality, which lets you configure forms for signing, allowing you to prepare a form template and then just share a link.
    • Instant notifications for the owner for any action taken on an envelope.
    • Flexible options to restart or delete the expired envelope.
    • Handy Create Form button in templates explorer.

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Expect these exciting features in the near future:
  • GroupDocs Annotation V2.0: GroupDocs Annotation V2.0 will include a new improved interface. With this, all comments are now made available in a side panel for easy, uncluttered viewing experience.
  • GroupDocs Assembly v2.0: GroupDocs Assembly V2.0 will contain a new dashboard, allowing you to manage the document assembly process more intuitively. The new dashboard lets you configure different ways of collecting responses. This will allow document assembly to be embedded into third-party websites and web applications.
  • Google Docs Edit Integration: we’ve integrated Google Docs’ features for editing Word documents so that you can now edit documents without leaving GroupDocs.
  • GroupDocs Integration: GroupDocs Viewer plugins for ExpressionEngine, Magento, eZ Publish, and many more CMSs in addition to GroupDocs Annotation plugins for a variety of platforms.

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We’re happy to announce that Amazon Web Service (AWS) has been integrated with GroupDocs , which allows us to offer you a new storage provision. You can now choose Amazon S3 as your default storage provider in GroupDocs. With this provision, you can store your files in your Amazon S3 bucket directly. Flexible storage provision is a key factor to consider when selecting document management solutions. With this integration, we  make your document management process more flexible. Importantly, it puts you in charge of what storage provider you choose. Read more Thank you for choosing GroupDocs. The GroupDocs Team