It’s difficult to find different document management solutions in one place for your diverse needs. You might spend your dime for separate stand-alone apps to fulfill your requirements. On the contrary, we, in GroupDocs, offer different document management apps as a suite to satisfy all your needs. [caption id=“attachment_1591” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Manage your documents efficiently with GroupDocs’ document management apps suite”]Manage your documents efficiently with GroupDocs’ document management apps suite [/caption] GroupDocs offer six powerful apps to efficiently manage your documents. Since you get all these apps as a pack, you can easily manipulate your documents as required. The scenarios differ with customer requirements. You can use a combo of our apps to address your specific requirements.   Today, I’ll discuss about a special scenario. Let’s take an educational institution for example. Nowadays, everything is being digitalized, for instance, exams, home works, assignments, result sharing and so on. Suppose you’re a teacher. You’ll have different assignments, tests, home works, etc. for your students from time to time. The conventional methods are outdated, difficult to track and tedious to store & maintain. So, it’s high time to change to a dependable, innovative solution that saves time and effort. [caption id=“attachment_1572” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Document management is now too simple using our efficient apps”]Document management is now too simple using our efficient apps [/caption] Now I’ll tell you how GroupDocs can help you solve these issues. Let’s discuss a common scenario where GroupDocs comes in handy. If you need to assign online tests to your students and collect responses, GroupDocs Assembly is the right choice. GroupDocs Assembly lets you and your students perform document automation and document assembly easily. The process is really simple:

  • Create a document template with merge fields
  • Prepare a questionnaire with all types of questions (as required), for example, single choice, multiple choice, detailed answers, etc.
  • Share it with your students to collect answers.
  • The students answer the questionnaire and perform document assembly to create a new, unique document.

All related parties are notified as soon as the document is assembled. You can then review these assembled documents and publish the results. To review the document, you can make use of GroupDocs’ efficient online annotation software. Annotate or collaborate on the assembled documents to review it in real time. Once the review is over, you can upload the results using our efficient online document viewer. GroupDocs Viewer lets you upload the results online and share it with your students. The students can then download or print their result as required. Since GroupDocs Viewer supports all types of common as well as business file formats, you can use it as a PDF viewer, a Word viewer, or an Excel viewer, amongst many other things. In short, we’ve seen how our efficient document management apps suite can be used to perform document automation, document assembly, document annotation, and document viewing. There are other scenarios where we use some other GroupDocs apps as a combo pack to satisfy specific requirements. We’ll get back to you with more of such scenarios in the coming weeks…stay tuned! We also prepared a series of posts to help you get started with GroupDocs. One of them will show you how to upload a document to GroupDocs, be sure to check it out! Why wait? Register with GroupDocs and feel the difference!