GroupDocs Newsletter March 2013: Integration of Signature App to More Platforms

Last month, we extended the reach of GroupDocs’ powerful e-signature app to many more platforms. Now, no matter what platform you use, you can integrate GroupDocs’ online signature app plugin into websites and collect digital signatures by embedding documents as digital forms. Apart from this, we’ve introduced a GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Moodle and a GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Moodle Version 2.4. Also, we’ve created several samples for our API SDKs. In addition to plugin releases, we’ve many more enhancements planned for the coming month. Most important of all is the introduction of separate EU-based storage and processing, which will be a boon to European enterprise customers. It will ensure that your sensitive files stay within EU borders. Moreover, GroupDocs for Salesforce Alpha as well as GroupDocs Signature plugins for many more platforms are in the pipeline. We’ve lots more coming up, so stay tuned!

New Features

This month, we’ve launched various plugins for multiple CMSs as well as updates to the GroupDocs SDKs. Viewer iconGroupDocs Viewer Integration
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Moodle Version 2.4
Annotation iconGroupDocs Annotation Integration
  • GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Moodle
GroupDocs Signature iconGroupDocs Signature Integration   SDK API Sample Updates

Coming Soon

Expect these exciting features pretty soon:
  • Enterprise and above plans: EU-based storage and processing to ensure sensitive files do not exit EU borders.
  • GroupDocs Viewer for .NET locally installable viewer component.
  • Assembly v2.0 Beta: Enhancements to support WYSIWYG formatted text insertion, logic blocks.
  • Signature v2.0 Beta: Enhancements to fields screen, and signature execution.
  • GroupDocs for Salesforce Alpha: View office documents within Salesforce from within your browser.
  • New version of the GroupDocs Viewer plugin for FireFox with new, improved design.
  • New version of the GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Google Chrome with new, improved design.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Gmail / Chrome.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Firefox.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Pligg.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for SugarCRM.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Concrete5.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Moodle.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for ExpressionEngine.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for CMSMS.

Community Buzz

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