GroupDocs Apps v2.3 – Features and Fixes

We’ve implemented a few new features as well as fixed some major and minor bugs lately. Let’s have a detailed look:

GroupDocs Annotation

Features Implemented
  • Major
    • [ANNOTATION-194] Annotation v.2. The resizing of Typewriter text fields and Watermarks
    • [ANNOTATION-195] Annotation v.2.Text color selection for Typewriter text fields and Watermarks
    • [ANNOTATION-196] Embedded application header customization feature
    • [ANNOTATION-197] Embedded application toolbar customization
    • [ANNOTATION-199] Custom cursors for embedded annotation tools configuration
    • [ANNOTATION-182] Full synchronization of Annotation instances
    • [ANNOTATION-201] Proper error-handling in embedded applications
    • [ANNOTATION-198] Embedded application real-time mode configuration
  • Minor
    • [ANNOTATION-176] Each new user should have a different default colour
    • [ANNOTATION-191] Annotation v.2. New icons and cursors.
    • [ANNOTATION-216] Annotation v.2. The annotation icons panel should have the correct scroll position set before it is shown
Bugs fixed
  • Critical:
    • [ANNOTATION-185] Annotation reply date is incorrect for replies posted by a collaborator
    • [ANNOTATION-203] Annotation v.2. The mouse position is set imprecisely on receivers when being broadcasted in the real-time mode
    • [ANNOTATION-206] Annotation v.2. Annotation lines remain pushed down after the annotation that pushed them down was deleted
    • [ANNOTATION-207] Annotation v.2. Connecting lines for annotations redraw after collapsing the RHS panel, creating a gap while the panel is collapsing
    • [ANNOTATION-208] Annotation v.2. Touches don’t work on iPhone
    • [ANNOTATION-190] Export with annotations is not working
    • [ANNOTATION-193] Annotation v.2. Full synchronization does not work on iPhone
    • [ANNOTATION-200] Annotation v.1. SignalR gives the error “TypeError: annotationsHub is undefined”
    • [ANNOTATION-212] Annotation v.2. Area annotation marker movements are not broadcasted.
    • [ANNOTATION-214] Too many thumbnails are loaded initially for documents with many pages
    • [ANNOTATION-217] Annotation v.1. Point annotations can’t be created
    • [ANNOTATION-210] Annotation v.2. Touches don’t work on iPhone for the header buttons
  • Major:
    • [ANNOTATION-204] Annotation v.2. SignalR connection sometimes breaks in the real-time mode
    • [ANNOTATION-205] Annotation v.2. Markers and their lines are not redrawn when the browser window is resized
    • [ANNOTATION-213] Annotation v.2. Annotation lines remain short after activating an annotation and collapsinbg the RHS panel.
    • [ANNOTATION-215] Thumbnail progress spinners hang at the middle of the thumbnails panel
    • [ANNOTATION-219] Annotation v.2. Typewriter text field movements are not broadcasted.
  • Minor
    • [ANNOTATION-147] Typewriter change color doesn’t work
    • [ANNOTATION-162] Disabled view permission should disable others
    • [ANNOTATION-187] Text selections and strikeouts are above typewriter fields (z order)
    • [ANNOTATION-188] Annotation v.2. When adding a new annotation, the comments panel should expand, switch to Comments tab, and then focus the comment field
    • [ANNOTATION-209] Annotation v.2. Annotation icons in the icons panel scrolling with lags in Chrome
    • [ANNOTATION-218] Annotation v.2. Document size is not changed when an annotation is activated and the RHS panel was collapsed

GroupDocs Viewer

Features Implemented
  • Minor
    • [WEB-337] Embedded application header customization feature
Bugs fixed
  • Minor
    • [WEB-338] Yes/No buttons position in Viewer tools

GroupDocs Assembly

Features Implemented
  • Minor
    • [DA-141] Output folder and email address options on the settings page
    • [DA-143] Generic answer option for single choice questions
Bugs fixed
  • Major:
    • [DA-142] Document upload through drag & drop area fails

GroupDocs Signature

Features Implemented
  • [SIGN-852] Audit log for envelopes in signature 2
  • [SIGN-843] Signature 2: Click on delete icon for field, selects the field
  • [SIGN-842] Signature 2: In step 5, allow resizing selected field with Ctrl+arrow key
  • [SIGN-841] Signature 2: In step 5, allow switching between fields with tab
  • [SIGN-833] Draft envelope deletion in signature 2 envelope dashboard
  • [SIGN-832] Signature 2: Forms dashboard
  • [SIGN-829] Signature 2: In envelopes dashboard, click on envelope should perform same action as click on the view icon
  • [SIGN-828] Signature 2: In envelopes dashboard, when clicking on a recipient, display a popup with embed link for copy
  • [SIGN-824] Hide the Signature 2 form the main button, and add a banner in Signature 1 app for trying out the Signature 2
  • [SIGN-822] Signature 2: In step 2, completion functionality for quickly selection from the contacts
  • [SIGN-803] Signature 2: Templates dashboard
  • [SIGN-802] Signature 2: Signatures dashboard
  • [SIGN-848] Demo application using .NET signature SDK
  • [SIGN-846] Log the client IP and display it for each signer in final signed document
  • [SIGN-836] Integrate latest design changes in envelope create wizard
  • [SIGN-834] Add referrer check for the signature demo
  • [SIGN-860] – When envelope has only one document, the envelope.documents.get API method should return the signed pdf not an archive
  • [SIGN-898] – Signature 2: Signing screen, add validation for the placed field
  • [SIGN-899] – Signature 2: Add sammyjs in the envelope wizard
  • [SIGN-907] – Signature 2: Wizard: In the summary step show list of fields per document and recipient
  • [SIGN-908] – Signature 2: Apply latest design changes in envelopes dashboard
  • [SIGN-909] – Signature 2: Embedded forms signing do not show next marker
  • [SIGN-910] – Signature 1: Update the embedded signing screen for forms
  • [SIGN-931] – In signing screen, when envelope has more than one recipients, show hint for the fields that do not belong to the signing recipient
  • [SIGN-932] – Show visual feedback during envelope signing
  • [SIGN-915] – Attach signed documents when send final notification email to all recipients
  • [SIGN-837] – Integrate step5 design in the create envelope wizard
  • [SIGN-857] – Implement archived envelopes in signature 2
  • [SIGN-861] – Implement create form wizard in signature 2
  • [SIGN-877] – Implement signature 2 sign screen
  • [SIGN-880] – Implement signature 2 archived forms view
  • [SIGN-887] – Signature 2 Forms: Apply latest design changes in forms dashboard and archived forms
  • [SIGN-862] – Integrate step1 in create form wizard
  • [SIGN-863] – Integrate step2 in create form wizard
  • [SIGN-875] – Integrate step 3 in create form wizard
  • [SIGN-878] – Integrate step 4 in create form wizard
  • [SIGN-879] – Integrate step 5 in create form wizard
  • [SIGN-883] – Watermark settings in step 2
  • [SIGN-896] – Signature 1 embedded signing changes
  • [SIGN-900] – Signature 2: Embedded forms signing
  • [SIGN-918] – Ensure that in signature all images for a documents are loaded from the S3 storage if set so
Bugs fixed
  • [SIGN-853] When envelope is signed from embeddable view, the notification to callback url is not sent
  • [SIGN-845] Signature 2: Placeholder of the search inputs in contacts are not visible
  • [SIGN-844] Signature 2: In envelope wizard the use can’t return to previous step if the current step is not valid
  • [SIGN-838] With direct URL the user can go to the create envelop wizard even for envelopes that are not draft
  • [SIGN-820] SignalR issues in signature, comparison, conversion
  • [SIGN-821] Fix buttons tooltips in signature 2 step 1
  • [SIGN-823] Fix buttons tooltips in signature 2 wizard step 2 for edit, delete recipient
  • [SIGN-859] – If user is logged in and visit the embed signature – he can’t see the fields in the document and can’t sign
  • [SIGN-865] – Add regex validation dropdown in field settings area in signature 2
  • [SIGN-866] – Add default values for font name, font size, font color on add envelope field
  • [SIGN-867] – Send email notifications in signature do not respect the IsAlertsEnabled settings of the user account
  • [SIGN-868] – Signature 2 Wizard: Step2: While editing an recipient, hide the add recipient area as well as edited recipient row
  • [SIGN-869] – Make all validation messages dynamic (show/hide while user typing)
  • [SIGN-870] – Signature2 Wizard: Step 3 can continue with empty envelope name
  • [SIGN-871] – Signature 2 Wizard: Step 5: No validation for the field name.
  • [SIGN-872] – Signature 2 Wizard: Step 5: Implement Reset Fields functionality
  • [SIGN-873] – Signature 2 Wizard: Step 5: Move the documents and recipients drop-downs above the fields toolbar
  • [SIGN-874] – Signature 2 Wizard: Step 5: If there are no at least one field for each recipient and document do not allow user to go to next step nor to send the envelope
  • [SIGN-876] – The signature should not exit the cell on the summary page of the signed document
  • [SIGN-881] – Update the signature 1 embed signing
  • [SIGN-885] – Signature 1 embedded, click next do not stop on signature and checkbox field
  • [SIGN-886] – Signature 2: Forms, load only the data needed for the active tab
  • [SIGN-888] – Signature 2: Step 5: Field settings could not be saved
  • [SIGN-889] – Signature 2: Step 5: Adding items for drop down field do not work
  • [SIGN-890] – Signature 2: Step5: The pressing the tab key should cycle between fields
  • [SIGN-891] – Signature 2: Step 5: Esc key press should deactivate selected field and close field settings area.
  • [SIGN-892] – Public download signed documents do not return correct response
  • [SIGN-893] – Cannot edit signature
  • [SIGN-894] – Signature 2. Create form from template doesn’t work
  • [SIGN-895] – Signature 2: Forms, fields settings doesn’t work correctly as well as drop-down list management
  • [SIGN-897] – Signature 2: Step 4: Can’t reorder selected fields for creating file name
  • [SIGN-901] – Signature 2: User should not be able to modify only fields for selected recipient in fields preparation screen in the wizard
  • [SIGN-902] – Signature 2: In the wizard the user can go to step “summary” without any fields set
  • [SIGN-903] – Signature 2: In the fields step there is a problem with the shift+tab switching of the fields
  • [SIGN-904] – Signature 2: Fields step: The date field do not have format settings
  • [SIGN-905] – Signature 2: Fields step: Exclude date formats from the format settings for single and multi-line fields
  • [SIGN-906] – Signature 2: Fields step: Tab and Shift+Tab should cycle only between fields for the selected recipient
  • [SIGN-911] – Signature 2: Forms: In embedded signing, the ordering of the fields is not correct
  • [SIGN-912] – Signature 2: Forms: Clicking on the form row in the dashboard should perform the default action
  • [SIGN-913] – Signature 2: Forms: In dashboard, add “Download all” action for the completed forms
  • [SIGN-914] – Forms: Embedded signing, do not load data for the filled fields on reload
  • [SIGN-916] – Signature 2: Forms: In the wizard, creating new field location doesn’t work
  • [SIGN-917] – Signature 2: Forms: In step 3 in the wizard, the tab/shift+tab do not work correctly
  • [SIGN-920] – Signature 2: Envelope wizard step1, sometimes do not show documents even if the envelope has documents
  • [SIGN-921] – Loading signature documents from amazon s3 storage
  • [SIGN-922] – Signature 2: Do not show error message if something went wrong during the API call
  • [SIGN-923] – Signature 2: In sign envelope screen, when start entering data for a field, the whole field move down few pixels
  • [SIGN-924] – Signature 2: Tab, Shift+ Tab should move between fields
  • [SIGN-925] – Signature 2: Signing screen, if document has more than one page, on scrolling down the pages after fist page didn’t load
  • [SIGN-926] – Signature 2: In sign envelope screen, the thumbnails side bar do not work
  • [SIGN-928] – Adding fields for a user with role CC should not be possible
  • [SIGN-930] – Signature 2: When performing Save as draft, the owner of the envelope is added
  • [SIGN-933] – Signature 1: Switching recipient role in the envelope preparation wizard doesn’t work
  • [SIGN-934] – Envelope ModifyFieldLocation Api method doesn’t work
  • [SIGN-936] – Select all checkbox in signature 2 dashboards (envelopes, forms, archived forms) doesn’t work correctly
  • [SIGN-937] – Signature 2: Envelope wizard step2: Add from contacts do not show any contacts in the popup

GroupDocs Comparison

Features Implemented
  • [DOCOMPARE-200] Embeddable comparison result
  • [DOCOMPARE-195] Comparison 2 viewer
  • [DOCOMPARE-197] Comparison 2: User workflow changes, add ability to start new comparison
  • [DOCOMPARE-206] Embed button in comparison 2
Bugs fixed
  • [DOCOMPARE-194][DOCOMPARE-201] Comparison of two doc file fails
  • [DOCOMPARE-208] Fixing issues in comparison 2 embed link generation and showing
  • [DOCOMPARE-205] Can’t load the output document after comparison is completed and the UI is blocked
  • [DOCOMPARE-204] After first comparison, the GetChanges method is called many times
  • [DOCOMPARE-203] Doc files comparison fails when in the source or target has attached template
  • [DOCOMPARE-202] Doc files comparison fails when there are embed images and ole objects
  • [DOCOMPARE-196] Download result do not work in comparison 2


Features Implemented
  • Major
    • [CORE-823] Pricing plans update
    • [CORE-834] Document split and view commands for the Conversion service
  • Minor
    • [CORE-830] Output folder and email address job options
Bugs fixed
  • Minor
    • [CORE-805] -1 Users
    • [CORE-822] Google Cloud redirect is interrupted after submitting popup
    • [CORE-654] Thumbnail for DOC file on share screen


Bugs fixed
  • Critical:
    • [CORE-828] File move/copy operations do not work on the dashboard
  • Minor
    • [CORE-800] File/folder context menu is visible through delete confirm dialog


Features Implemented
  • [CORE-818] File storage synchronization service integration
  • [CORE-824] Migration to the latest Banckle Billing platform
  • [CORE-835] Google Cloud. Cannot create folder
  • [CORE-826] Subscription plan purchase response extension
  • [SIGN-825] Webhook notification for signature API
  • [SIGN-847] Create envelope from a document in the API
  • [SIGN-826][SIGN-851] Changes in envelope.send method
  • [SIGN-850] Changes in envelope.recipient resource
  • [SIGN-827] Send webhook notification when all recipients signed the envelope
Bugs fixed
  • [CORE-861] Number of users is not updated for Enterprise subscriptions
  • [CORE-872] Free space is improperly calculated on documents upload
  • [CORE-634] Document viewing service concurrency problem
  • [CORE-808] GetQuestionnaireExecutions returns null in questionnaire_guid
  • [CORE-809] GetQuestionnaires always returns empty questionnaires array
  • [CORE-810] UpdateQuestionnaireExecution doesn’t update executive/approver/owner
  • [CORE-812] Typo in Swagger documentation for AddQuestionnaireCollector
  • [CORE-814] UpdateQuestionnaireMetadata returns 0 in questionnaire_id
  • [CORE-815] UpdateQuestionnaireMetadata doesn’t actually update metadata
  • [CORE-825] The checkDocumentOwnership flag allows an API user to convert files indefinitely
  • [CORE-827] Document viewing fails when splitting is not possible
  • [CORE-836] Google Cloud. Folder is shown like file
  • [CORE-829] Document upload fails for the root folder
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