GroupDocs Apps v2.4 – Features and Fixes

We’ve implemented a few new features as well as fixed some major and minor bugs lately. Let’s have a detailed look:

GroupDocs Annotation

Features Implemented
  • Major
    • [ANNOTATION-232] Broadcast of horizontal scroll, broadcast of window size percentage when scaling, and support for master and slaves in real-time mode.
Bugs fixed
  • Critical:
    • [ANNOTATION-220] If a user is registered as a reviewer for multiple documents, he will receive all broadcasted operations into each open document.
    • [ANNOTATION-226] Export “Normal” raises an error.
    • [ANNOTATION-230] Downloading an annotated document by using a direct file link fails.
  • Major:
    • [ANNOTATION-225] The background color of the pages and thumbnails is transparent, which creates flashes when they are being loaded.
    • [ANNOTATION-228] Annotation v.2. The document should expand when the RHS toolbar is collapsed.
    • [ANNOTATION-223] Annotation v.2. An iPhone-styled button for switching between broadcast and screen drag, disable pinch to shrink and pullout to magnify, and a setting for removing the toolbar completely.
    • [ANNOTATION-222] Annotation 2. Search doesn’t find the searched text.
  • Minor
    • [ANNOTATION-224] Text selection is shifted 1 pixel to the right and 1-2 pixels up from the correct position.
    • [ANNOTATION-227] The “standard header is always shown” option.

GroupDocs Viewer

Features Implemented
  • Major
    • [WEB-346] Client side code for the installable Viewer.
    • [WEB-347] JavaScript-based NavigationWidget.
    • [WEB-348] JavaScript-based ZoomingWidget.
    • [WEB-351] Installable Viewer: JS document viewer adapter without user ID / private key dependencies, working when some widgets are disabled.
  • Minor
    • [WEB-342] Update document viewer 1.0 header.
    • [WEB-352] The PortalService for the installable Viewer.
Bugs fixed
  • Minor
    • [WEB-343] Document print doesn’t work in the embedded viewer.

GroupDocs Assembly

Features Implemented
  • Major
    • [DA-144] WYSIWYG support for questionnaire answers.
    • [DA-148] Web hook for the document assembly job.
Bugs fixed
  • Major:
    • [DA-145] Long questions and answers word-wrap.

GroupDocs Signature

Features Implemented
  • [SIGN-967] – Signature2: Signed view for envelopes.
  • [SIGN-968] – Signature 2: Signed embedded view for envelopes.
  • [SIGN-942] – Signature 2: New status icons for envelopes and forms.
  • [SIGN-949] – Implement async signing of the signature envelopes.
  • [SIGN-950] – Adopt signed screen and signed embedded screen to work with async envelope signing process.
  • [SIGN-956] – Signature 2: Implement envelope-embed signing.
  • [SIGN-957] – Signature 2: Improve the user experience after clicking “New Envelope” in the envelopes dashboard.
  • [SIGN-961] – Signature 2: Improve the user experience after clicking “New Form” in the forms dashboard.
  • [SIGN-980] – Implement changes in envelope.create and envelope.modify
  • [SIGN-981] – New settings while preparing envelope in signature 1 and signature 2.
  • [SIGN-983] – Signature 2: Implement embed signed screen.
  • [SIGN-995] – Implement create envelope from envelope in signature 1 and signature 2.
  • [SIGN-999] – Increase recipient name’s length for envelopes.
  • [SIGN-1005] – Default value for “Include embed link ..” settings for envelope should be true.
  • [SIGN-940] – Signature 2: Implement template preparation wizard.
  • [SIGN-969] – Signature 2: Forms: recheck that the forms signing is working and apply fixes if not.
  • [SIGN-998] – Display error messages in embedded signature as a popup.
  • [SIGN-1014] – Signatrure 1: From archived envelopes, the user should be able to copy the envelope and start over.
  • [SIGN-1015] – Signature 1: Ensure that recipients with role CC are not included in the recipients’ dropdown list in fields preparation.
  • [SIGN-1016] – Signature 1: For CC recipients, show the embed link button in envelopes dashboard only when envelope is completed.
  • [SIGN-1018] – Signature 1: Do not show embed link button in envelopes dash board for envelopes with status expired and draft.
  • [SIGN-1019] – Signature 1: In forms dashboard, add Publish Form in the context menu for draft forms.
  • [SIGN-1027] – Signature 2: Envelopes: Do not show fields summary on step 6 in envelope preparation wizard.
Bugs fixed
  • [SIGN-853] When envelope is signed from the embeddable view, the notification to callback url is not sent.
  • [SIGN-919] – Demo performance.
  • [SIGN-927] – Signature 2: Envelopes dashboard, and statuses overlaps the envelope name.
  • [SIGN-935] – Forms: Form preparation wizard, fields settings: remove all jquery selectors.
  • [SIGN-944] – Signature 2: Envelopes dashboard, the paging on scrolling does not work properly.
  • [SIGN-945] – Fix template.recipient.add and template.recipient api methods response.
  • [SIGN-946] – Sign embed requires login.
  • [SIGN-947] – Demo signature on send envelope shows error message.
  • [SIGN-951] – Create public API method to retrieve envelope details.
  • [SIGN-952] – Fix the signatureEnvelopeDetails widget to use public API method if the viewing mode is public.
  • [SIGN-953] – Clear the signed document thumbnails, so the most recent pages to be shown in the viewer.
  • [SIGN-954] – Signature 2: In the sign envelope screen, in the signature creation popup, the font for written signature are not initialized correctly.
  • [SIGN-955] – Signature 2: If we close the signature popup with ESC key, it can’t be shown anymore.
  • [SIGN-962] – Signature 2: If archived forms list is empty, the select all checkbox is selected.
  • [SIGN-963] – AddContactIntegration raises error.
  • [SIGN-964] – Add drop-down field doesn’t set acceptableValues and defaultValue.
  • [SIGN-966] – Inconsistency in signature API boolean parameters.
  • [SIGN-970] – Comparing word files with revisions information in them is failing.
  • [SIGN-971] – Cannot add two files with the same name, but different extension to envelope.
  • [SIGN-972] – If there is drop-down field without list with values, the envelope should not be able to be send.
  • [SIGN-973] – If there is a drop-down field without list with values, the form should not be able to be published
  • [SIGN-974] – Drop-down value is reset to the default value on reload even if there is already-set user’s value.
  • [SIGN-975] – If envelope is with status completed, the URL in embed popup should lead to signed envelope.
  • [SIGN-976] – Signature 1: Incorrect behavior of tab key in signing screen.
  • [SIGN-978] – Signature 2: Ensure that if error is returned from the web service, the corresponded error message will be displayed.
  • [SIGN-979] – Extend audit logging to log send and sign events.
  • [SIGN-982] – Cleanup code in the signature 1 and signature 2 controllers.
  • [SIGN-984] – Forms: Incorrect document displayed after signing.
  • [SIGN-985] – Incorrect full name calculation.
  • [SIGN-986] – CreateSignatureTemplate multiple issues.
  • [SIGN-987] – AddSignatureTemplateRecipient returns null in template identifier.
  • [SIGN-988] – Signature 1: Broken layout in templates dashboard if there are no any templates.
  • [SIGN-989] – DeleteSignatureTemplateDocument raises error.
  • [SIGN-990] – Upload file in create template wizard fails.
  • [SIGN-991] – Signature 2: After confirm signing, the user is redirected to login screen if not logged in before.
  • [SIGN-992] – After the envelope is sent, the owner is included as signer even if it was not set as signer while preparing the nvelope.
  • [SIGN-993] – UpdateSignatureFormFromTemplate raises error.
  • [SIGN-994] – Typo in signature envelope API methods.
  • [SIGN-996] – The final email notification for signed envelope is not send at all.
  • [SIGN-997] – The owner of the envelope could not see the signed documents if he is not in the signers list.
  • [SIGN-1000] – Embed signature is not working in IE8.
  • [SIGN-1001] – Document viewer in signature 2 throws javascript error.
  • [SIGN-1002] – After envelope deletion, files associated with the envelope are staying.
  • [SIGN-1003] – After template deletion, files associated with the template are staying.
  • [SIGN-1004] – After form deletion, files associated with the form are staying.
  • [SIGN-1007] – Replace using of GetTempFileName with GetRandomFileName.
  • SIGN-1013] – Signature 1: Audit log layout is broken.
  • [SIGN-1017] – Signature 1: Embed sign: Always shows the error popup, even if no error.
  • [SIGN-1020] – Notification emails are not send to the recipient with role CC.
  • [SIGN-1021] – Change the title of the audit log popup.
  • [SIGN-1022] – Signature 2: Javascript error in the signed envelope page.
  • [SIGN-1031] – Do not include the recipients that have role canSign false at the last page of the signed document.
  • [SIGN-1033] – Fixes in embed signing.
  • [SIGN-1034] – Signature template API: fields should not be assigned to the recipient with role CC.
  • [SIGN-1036] – Fix the viewer in signature 1.
  • [SIGN-1037] – Signature 2: Embed sign screen shows start button on each page.
  • [SIGN-1038] – Signature 2: Embed signed screen is not working in IE 8.
  • [SIGN-1039] – All dashboards in signature do not work IE8.

GroupDocs Comparison

Features Implemented
  • [DOCOMPARE-200] – Embeddable comparison result.
  • [DOCOMPARE-211] – Confirm and embed dialog design update in comparison 2.
Bugs fixed
  • [DOCOMPARE-202] – Doc files comparison fails when there are embed images and ole objects.
  • [DOCOMPARE-204] – After first comparison, the GetChanges method is called multiple times.
  • [DOCOMPARE-205] – Can’t load the output document after comparison is completed and the UI is blocked.
  • [DOCOMPARE-206] – Add embed button in comparison 2.
  • [DOCOMPARE-208] – Fixing issues in comparison 2 embed link generation and display.
  • [DOCOMPARE-212] – Comparing two different docx files fails.
  • [DOCOMPARE-213] – Comparing simple Excel files fails.
  • [DOCOMPARE-214] – Comparing pdf files fails.
  • [DOCOMPARE-215] – Comparing html files fails.
  • [DOCOMPARE-216] – Calling job-output API method with empty or null jobId should not be possible.
  • [DOCOMPARE-217] – Comparison 1: After the comparison completion, the results are not displayed.
  • [DOCOMPARE-219] – Comparison viewer not working because of changes in the viewer adapter.


Features Implemented
  • Major
    • [CORE-859] Asynchronous PDF to XML conversion.
    • [CORE-858] Reusable file open dialog.
    • [CORE-873] Web hook trigger for the document viewing job.
  • Minor
    • [CORE-885] Integration with Aspose forums.
Bugs fixed
  • Critical
    • [CORE-884] Multiple instances of explorer plug-in do not work on the same page.
    • [CORE-892] Server-side processing fails for non-pdf file formats.
  • Minor
    • [CORE-853] Custom-embedded logo cannot be reset.


Features Implemented
  • Major
    • [CORE-831] Document post-upload processing indicator.
Bugs fixed
  • Major:
    • [CORE-840] Google Cloud. Dashboard convert redirects to null.
    • [CORE-882] “Upgrade” link points to old profile settings page.
  • Minor
    • [CORE-733] Folder lacks “Archive” context menu entry.
    • [CORE-793] Context menu for the last file is not full visible.
    • [CORE-844] Dashboard. Cannot cancel conversion.
    • [CORE-887] Chrome drag & drop fail to upload multiple files.


Features Implemented
  • [CORE-838] Dynabic subscription cancellation event handler.
  • [CORE-833] Pulling document pages image out of a 3rd-party storage.
  • [CORE-865] Generic prices for subscription plans support.
  • [CORE-869] Random file name generation function for storage providers.
  • [CORE-888] Document version number for document page image URL.
  • [CORE-889] Path.GetTempFileName replacement.
  • [CORE-893] Access level validation for file system folders.
Bugs fixed
  • [CORE-855] Large file uploads to Amazon S3 fails.
  • [CORE-866] Cannot upload PDF file.
  • [CORE-837] CSV file cannot be viewed.
  • [CORE-839] Update account user method creates users those already exist in the system.
  • [CORE-861] Number of users is not updated for Enterprise subscriptions.
  • [CORE-864] Thumbnails are not uploaded to Amazon when switching udf-pdf option on/off.
  • [CORE-871] Output document format is wrong for assembly jobs.
  • [CORE-872] Free space is improperly calculated on documents upload.
  • [CORE-387] datasource.remove returns 400 Bad Request
  • [CORE-389] doc.questionnaire.remove returns 400 Bad Request
We’ll bring you latest news on “Features & Fixes” upon each new release, so stay tuned!