GroupDocs Newsletter May 2013: GroupDocs Comparison CMS Integration and GroupDocs Viewer for .NET

GroupDocs extended the reach of its powerful Comparison app to a whole host of CMSs last month, in addition to enhancing its app UIs. May is an exciting month for GroupDocs as we’re about to launch GroupDocs Viewer for .NET, a ASP.NET DLL version of our online document viewer for the .NET platform. This lets you use GroupDocs Viewer as part of your .NET systems. Tabular data merging in Assembly and a pressure-sensitive signing pad for GroupDocs Signature are in the offing. In addition, you can expect more enhancements to all of our app UIs in the coming weeks.

New Features

This month, we’ve made enhancements to several GroupDocs apps, launched various plugins for CMSs and updated the GroupDocs SDKs.
  • Usability enhancements.
  • Cursor based real-time pointer improvements.
  • WYSIWYG support for questionnaire answers and enhanced integration options.
  • Addition of embedded comparison results.
  • Roll-out of Comparison v2.0 with results summary list.
  • Embedded signature enhancements to support automatically adding fields to positions within documents.
  • New document post-upload progress indicator.
  • Various optimizations to improve usability.

Coming Soon

Expect these exciting features soon:
  • GroupDocs Viewer for .NET – Install GroupDocs Viewer as part of your platform and .NET apps.
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for FireFox.
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Google Chrome.
  • GroupDocs Assembly v2.0 – Support for merging tabular data.
  • GroupDocs Assembly v2.0 – Enhanced and streamlined UI.
  • GroupDocs Signature v2.0 – New high-fidelity pressure-sensitive signing pad and improved UI.
  • Publish Signature plugin for Moodle.
  • Publish Signature plugin for CMSMS.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Gmail (Chrome).
  • GroupDocs Comparison v2.0 – Improved UI.

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