TextPattern users have a reason to get excited - we have launched GroupDocs’ annotation plugin for TextPattern. Embed documents to TextPattern pages and use our tool to annotate PDF, Microsoft Word, or other files easily. GroupDocs Annotation makes document reviewing and collaboration simple and its powerful set of annotation options scores high with our users. Our annotation plugin lets you share documents online with global teams and help them engage in group tasks. This platform-independent tool optimizes task output, as comments and updates are accessible to members online. When considering file compatibility, GroupDocs Annotation does PDF annotation, Excel annotation or Word annotation in an organized way.

About GroupDocs AnnotationGroupDocs Annotation is an online document reviewing application that lets you review documents through a web-browser. Add comments, highlight text, draw lines, mark up points and many more features are available in our efficient application. GroupDocs benefits documentation teams by making it easy to invite colleagues to review documents, and then share feedback and comments online. This way you can annotate PDF or any other file from your desk, avoid lengthy email exchanges and save time. Collaboration is faster as comments and updates are seen real-time. GroupDocs Annotation is a powerful tool for reviewing documents that lets reviewers comment and mark up documents in an intuitive, interactive way. Our annotation application helps organizations leverage the true potential of collaborative reviewing. Share any file with colleagues or business partners and GroupDocs Annotation adapts accordingly. For PDFs, it does PDF annotation, for image files, it does image annotation.

Installation WorkflowFollow the simple steps to install the annotation plugin real quick:

  1. Click the Admin tab, and then the Plugins tab.
  2. Copy the content from the plugin file.
  3. Paste the content into the Install plugins field.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Click Install. [caption id=“attachment_2373” align=“alignnone” width=“599” caption=“Install this efficient plugin with TextPattern to annotate PDF, Word and other documents”]Install this efficient plugin with TextPattern to annotate PDF, Word and other documents [/caption]

Result: Share the document online and let your colleagues annotate PDF, Word and other documents instantly. The GroupDocs Annotation plugin caters to the needs of web site owners, managers and marketing teams by providing an intuitive tool. [caption id=“attachment_2377” align=“alignnone” width=“599” caption=“Perform Word and PDF annotation from within your TextPattern website”]Perform Word and PDF annotation from within your TextPattern website [/caption] For assistance on plugin integration, refer to the online help.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?Businesses in this digital age need faster means of disseminating information and exchange ideas. GroupDocs Annotation helps with both. You can annotate PDF online, or work with Excel, Word or other files online through a browser. With no software prerequisites, document sharing and reviewing is fast with GroupDocs Annotation. For example, you don’t need Acrobat software installed on your machine to annotate PDF documents; simply perform PDF annotation just using a browser. GroupDocs Annotation offers solutions to businesses, designers, law firms, academics and other institutions involved in document collaboration and reviewing. Annotate your own way and create a signature style. One of the major highlights of our application is its flexibility and adaptability with all business file formats. For this reason, it is called an online PDF annotation, online Word annotation, online image annotation among other names. Do you want to annotate PDF, Word, Excel and other files hassle-free, try this annotation demo now! It is self-explanatory and learning can be fun! We value customer feedback. Post a question on our forum or chat with us. We strive to deliver a top-level user experience.