GroupDocs Newsletter June 2013: GroupDocs Viewer for .NET and GroupDocs Signature UX Enhancements

May was a busy month for us here at GroupDocs. There were plenty enhancements in the pipeline and we’re excited to announce that we’ve successfully completed the roadmap for May. Most importantly, the release of the early access version of GroupDocs Viewer for .NET marked a key milestone in our history. GroupDocs’ document viewer for .NET is a powerful ASP.NET DLL version with similar functionality as our online GroupDocs Viewer app. It lets you Install GroupDocs Viewer as part of your .NET apps, hosting it completely on your own infrastructure. You can now upload documents to your own server, which makes sure that the documents are rendered from within your server. In May, we integrated GroupDocs apps with more platforms and CMSs. We’ve also carried out performance enhancements to all our apps, especially GroupDocs Signature. There are a number of noteworthy improvements to GroupDocs Signature, including speed improvements, hotkey options, SVG-based signature execution, pressure sensitive signature pad and so on. Other exciting news is that we’ve published an intro video for GroupDocs’ online document viewer. This is null and you can expect more videos in the coming weeks, covering all the apps. Our developers constantly strive to improve the user experience; there are more improvements underway, so please stay tuned!

New Features

This month, we’ve enhanced the various GroupDocs apps, launched various plugins for several CMSs and updated the GroupDocs SDKs.
  • General performance improvements for all apps.
  • Document viewer for .NET – early adopter version.
  • Signature Version 2 has gone from Beta to official release.
  • Speed improvements to the signing process.
  • Webhook options for guaranteed document signed message delivery.
  • High-resolution, SVG-based signature in the final output document.
  • Brand new pressure sensitive signature pad and signature creation dialog.
  • Signature Version 2 – Hotkeys for copy, cut, paste, resize and position fields during envelope, template, and form preparation.
  • New API method for verifying a signed document.
  • New API methods for stripping document system information and the document textual representation API.

Coming Soon

Expect these exciting features soon:
  • Document viewer for .NET 1.0.
  • Document contents search.
  • Improved performance in the main signature app.
  • Speed improvements for signing forms and documents.
  • Ability to use an already prepared envelope with a different document.
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for FireFox
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Google Chrome
  • GroupDocs Assembly plugin for Orchard.
  • Signature plugin for Gmail (Chrome).
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Moodle.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Kentico.
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Orchard.
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for concrete5.
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for DotNetNuke.
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Contao.
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Plone.
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Umbraco.
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Kentico.
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Orchard.
Here is the recent community activity:
  • GroupDocs was listed in the “40 Free And Fresh WordPress Plugins For Download” article on hybridLAVA

Featured Blogpost

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