We’re excited to announce the launch of the GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Drupal. The plugin lets you embed documents into Drupal webpages to review and annotate them through a browser. So, annotate PDF or other files online and enjoy the benefits of collaborative review. GroupDocs Annotation is a web-based application used to share and review documents. Different annotation options allows you to make comments or suggestions in different ways. From strikeouts to ‘point notes’, comments and drawings, GroupDocs Annotation lets you add your feedback in a way that suits you. View comments made by other members and resolve conflicts easily. Get feedback faster and save all comments in a single file. GroupDocs Annotation supports a wide range of file formats and helps with online PDF annotation, Word annotation, and lets you annotate other file formats too.

What is GroupDocs Annotation?GroupDocs Annotation is an online document review and collaboration application. Upload a document and invite colleagues to review it. Teams can view and add comments, respond to questions, highlight text and form a consensus. All comments are accessible to all team members. Document review by email chain is often a frustrating experience. Online document sharing and collaboration helps teams engage and prioritize tasks. It helps avoid cumbersome email chains. Work smarter and annotate PDF and other documents through a browser. GroupDocs Annotation promotes collaborative reviewing and keeps every member informed about progress. Sharing feedback and comments online enables writers and editors to manage documents and save comments in a single place for reference. Real-time collaboration is also possible, which results in a faster review and approval process. Manage contacts and document rights easily and avoid unauthorized use. From online PDF annotation to online image annotation, our application helps you work faster.

How to Install the Plugin

  1. Paste the unzipped PHP SDK to the \libraries folder in your site’s \all folder.
  2. Paste the jquery_file_tree file to the \all\libraries folder.
  3. Paste the groupdocs_annotation file to the site’s \modules folder.
  4. In Drupal, click the Modules tab.
  5. Select the Embedded GroupDocs Annotation check box under OTHER.
  6. Click Save configuration. [caption id=“attachment_2646” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Install the plugin to easily annotate PDF and other files online”]Install the plugin to easily annotate PDF and other files online [/caption]

Now, configure the API Keys to embed and share documents from Drupal webpages. GroupDocs Annotation is platform and software independent and doesn’t require any new software installation. Add notes, make comments, area notes and others; annotate and review documents from your desk. [caption id=“attachment_2648” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Perform Word and PDF annotation from within Drupal websites”]Perform Word and PDF annotation from within Drupal websites [/caption] Refer to the online help for assistance.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?The growing popularity of wikis, community forums and other information sharing platforms has changed the definition of collaboration. Business teams design products based on discussion between users. GroupDocs Annotation is a web-based document review and annotation tool. GroupDocs Annotation has an interactive dashboard that makes performing review tasks easily. Upload documents that needs feedback, share links and invite members for collaborative review. Each member gives suggestions and comments and the writers then incorporate the comments and get approval. File compatibility is one of the key features of GroupDocs Annotation that makes file sharing easy. There’s no need to have Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office installed: you can do PDF annotation or Word annotation in a browser. Try the demo now and enjoy the benefits of online Word annotation, online PDF annotation and support for many other file formats in a single tool! Learning GroupDocs Annotation is easy: you’ll be up and running in minutes. GroupDocs’ annotation app has wide industry usage and benefits organizations that have issues with document management and collaboration. Share your experiences with us. We want to hear them and provide solutions to any issues you have. Chat online or post feedback or queries on the GroupDocs Forum.