We’re glad to announce the release of the .NET version of our universal HTML5 document viewer!

GroupDocs Viewer for .NET Library

GroupDocs.Viewer does away with cross-platform and cross-version issues and lets users upload and view documents online. It supports a wide range of popular business formats, from word processing files like DOC, DOCX and ODT, to spreadsheet formats like XLS and XLSX, PDF files and several other text and image formats. With GroupDocs’ online document viewer, documents are read, navigated, downloaded and printed from a web interface.

Originally, GroupDocs.Viewer was available as a web app only. But for many of our customers, it is important to control where files are stored. GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library integrates with your existing .NET applications and lets you store both the documents and the viewer code on your own servers. That means that the files never leave your control but are stored and rendered from within your infrastructure.

Using GroupDocs.Viewer is easy: end users understand the controls intuitively and can navigate, search, download or print documents immediately from any HTML5-complient web-browser.

To find more information on the .NET version of the GroupDocs.Viewer and download a free evaluation copy, please visit its homepage.