GroupDocs’ online document viewer add-on provides you with a convenient interface for quickly accessing, viewing and managing documents directly in the FireFox browser, without the need of going to the GroupDocs website. GroupDocs Online Document Viewer is a web-based application that allows you to open Microsoft Office files and images directly in a web-browser, regardless of whether you have the software that was used for creating them, or not. This is a universal document viewer that reduces the need for installing the tons of software required to open each individual file format. It allows you to view literally all types of word processing documents (DOC, DOCX, TXT, RTF, ODT), PowerPoint presentations (PPT, PPTX), SpreadSheets (XLS, XLSX), portable files (PDF), and image files (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF).GroupDocs Viewer is a mobile-ready application, meaning that you can view documents online from any web-enabled device. With this online document viewer add-on for FireFox, it is now even easier to access, view and manage documents in your GroupDocs account. Simply use the small widget that appears in the bottom-left corner of your FireFox browser after installation. This way, all your documents are always at hand and you won’t need to log in through the GroupDocs website each time you want to open a document. GroupDocs Online Document Viewer Website: Visit our Github project for feedback and issue reports:


Installing the add-onTo install the GroupDocs Viewer add-on for FireFox:

  1. Open the FireFox browser, click the Firefox menu and then click Add-ons. Result: The Add-ons screen is displayed and the Get Add-ons tab is selected by default.
  2. To find the GroupDocs document viewer add-on, type groupdocsin the search field and then press ENTER.
  3. The GroupDocs Viewer add-on is listed at the top of the retrieved list; click Install. That’s all you need for the installation. Lets take a look on how to use the GroupDocs Viewer add-on.

Using the pluginThe GroupDocs VIewer add-on icon appears in the right bottom panel of FireFox. To use it, simply click this icon.

  1. Click the GroupDocs Viewer icon; enter your GroupDocs account Client ID and Private Key details and then click Login.
  2. Now you can see two options: Upload file and My files.
  • If you select Upload file you can upload a local file to your GroupDocs account.
  • If you select My files, you see all the folders and files in your account.
  • Also, here you can manage files by clicking the eye icon next to a document.
  • For example, click View to view the selected document. GroupDocs’ online document viewer in action

That completes the how to - now I will briefly explain all functions available in GroupDocs’ online document viewer for FireFox.


Use To


View selected file in iframe.


Download selected file to your local disk.


Copy selected file to another folder in the GroupDocs account (not in local folder) folder.


Move selected file to another folder in the GroupDocs account (not in local folder) folder


Rename the file.


Delete the file from GroupDocs account (not from local folder).


Refresh the file list


Generate the iframe tag.