We’re glad to announce the launch of the GroupDocs Viewer add-on for Mozilla Firefox. This add-on allows you to embed documents using a Firefox browser. Access your GroupDocs account without having to log in each time you want to manage files. GroupDocs’ online document viewer allows you to view, read, and share documents easily and effectively. Managing cross-version issues and file format compatibility are some of the issues that GroupDocs Viewer overcomes. Now Firefox users can share Microsoft Word, PDF and other files with colleagues using their browser. [caption id=“attachment_3240” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Online document viewer for Firefox is now available from GroupDocs”]Online document viewer for Firefox is now available from GroupDocs [/caption] GroupDocs Viewer is platform independent. If you’re sharing a Word or PDF document, GroupDocs Viewer works as an online Word Viewer or online PDF viewer.  

Online Document Viewer App - BenefitsInternet world created a paradigm shift in working methodology of organizations. Real-time collaboration speeds up the operation cycle. GroupDocs Viewer - an online document sharing and collaboration tool that helps in sharing files quickly regardless of the format. Simply upload and share files with partners from within a Firefox browser and leverage the benefit of document collaboration. No new software installations are needed. GroupDocs’ online document viewer adapts to different situations and is often called an all-in-one viewer - online Word viewer, online PDF viewer, online Excel viewer and many more. GroupDocs’ online document viewer  offers many benefits to its users. To mention some:

  • All in one viewer: View Word, PDF, Excel, PPT and others.
  • Serve documents: Upload documents from your local machine or Google account.
  • Embed documents: Into CMS or website easily.
  • Simple workflow: Search text, print, copy or download documents.
  • Easy navigation: Scroll pages, use thumbnails, move to specific page.
  • Access other tools: Use GroupDocs Comparison, GroupDocs Signature, and GroupDocs Assembly from within GroupDocs Viewer

Save time, increase productivity, and communicate faster with GroupDocs Viewer.

Installation and UseInstalling and using the GroupDocs’ online document viewer add-on is super easy. Please refer to the following how-to blog or online help for details. [caption id=“attachment_3241” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“View documents online using GroupDocs’ online document viewer add-on for Firefox”]View documents online using GroupDocs’ online document viewer add-on for Firefox [/caption]

Why GroupDocs’ Online Document Viewer?Businesses devise strategies to effectively share customer-centric information  From product manuals and brochures to market reports, engaging and collaboration is the need of the hour. To achieve results faster, an effective communication medium is needed. GroupDocs Viewer is an online document viewer through which you can share most common business documents using a browser. This way information is disseminated online and customers can view it easily from their desk. It is a frustrating experience to know that your clients had issues trying to open a document. GroupDocs Viewer takes care of such uncertainty. Working with wide range of formats helps organizations accomplish tasks without hassle. For a Word file, GroupDocs Viewer is an online Word viewer, for a PowerPoint file, it acts as an online PowerPoint viewer. Different business verticals can leverage the benefits of GroupDocs as it offers various solutions for each category. Learning to use this efficient online document viewer app takes minutes and you start enjoying immediately. What are you waiting for? Try it now! We appreciate and value our customers feedback. Your suggestions can help us improve and deliver products and services effectively. Chat online or post feedback or queries on the GroupDocs Forum.