Businesses relish the economic opportunities SaaS and cloud based platforms offer. Organizations worldwide are reacting to a shift in the document management space. Lawmakers in various countries stresses the need to save documents and files online, rather than the traditional way: paper. Different verticals such as pharmaceuticals, IT, and banking have started implementing and harnessing the benefits from online document management. There are many advantages: digital file storing and sharing is safe and secure, protects unauthorized use through security layers, and reduces cost, to mention a few. One thing is certain: the paperless environment will redefine how businesses communicate in future. [caption id=“attachment_3543” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“Bring your online document management to a new level with GroupDocs”]Bring your online document management to a new level with GroupDocs [/caption] GroupDocs offers cloud based document management and document collaboration solutions for your business. Faster collaboration between teams increases productivity and avoids confusion. From academic papers and legal documents to financial reports, organizations require solutions to manage their data and files easily and effectively. At GroupDocs we’re addressing those issues and making products that drive innovation in online document management. What can GroupDocs do?

Collecting Information Through FormsGroupDocs Assembly is an online document generation service that supports merging fields (name, date, signature, etc.) into a document template. Send the custom template to your customers. After they enter the information, GroupDocs Assembly generates a new document with user-input data that retains the layout and structure of the original. In short, create once and reuse it! Document assembly saves time as recipients submit information online. Save time and automate the document generation process.

Comparing FilesGroupDocs Comparison lets you compare two Word documents or PDFs easily.  Insertions and deletions from the source and target documents are made in blue and red lines. This helps finding the exact differences and keep the files up-to-date. Online document management gets more important as a global workforce demands an online repository and version control. Cloud storage and service providers has enabled people to store and share documents online. By managing your documents with GroupDocs’ apps suite, you are staying on top of document management and ahead of the competition!