Our team is glad to announce the launch of GroupDocs’ Annotation plugin for CMSMS users. Download and install the plugin to your CMSMS website to share and annotate files online. GroupDocs supports all widely used file formats so you can annotate PDF, word-processing documents and even images. GroupDocs Annotation is a web-based app which lets you add comments and notes to documents and images from a web-browser. Teams collaborate faster, share views, resolve conflict and expedite the workflow. Choose from a set of different annotation options (text notes, strikeouts, area notes, etc.) to comment in any way that suits you. See comments from all members in a single file. Save time, streamline the review process and prioritize tasks with our online application. [caption id=“attachment_3794” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“PDF Annotation Module for CMSMS Is Released”]PDF Annotation Module for CMSMS Is Released [/caption]

Installing The Annotation PluginRefer to the online help for instructions on installing and using GroupDocs’ annotation plugin for CMSMS. Please Note: to start using GroupDocs Annotation on your CMSMS website, you need to sign up with GroupDocs first. But don’t worry, we provide a free 14 days trial period so you can test the app before purchasing it.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?Digital media has changed the way companies operate. As the web takes center-stage, corporations are remodeling their businesses to suit new needs. Collaboration is very important for many reasons: get instant updates, stay current, save time and deliver content. In the same context, document sharing and reviewing has seen a paradigm shift from the traditional sharing of Word documents via email. People want real-time collaboration between groups to resolve complex discussions or views before releasing a product. GroupDocs Annotation helps them with this. Global teams working on big projects benefit from GroupDocs Annotation. Projects often involve collaboration between multiple groups, which means that a document goes through multiple reviews. It can be difficult for editors and writers who have to collaborate with every team and gather feedback. Not anymore! Share documents and invite teams to participate in collaborative reviewing. Individuals post their comments which are saved in a repository. Writers incorporate changes and deliver results. GroupDocs Annotation overcomes cross-platform and cross-version issues allowing you to annotate PDF and others document types online. GroupDocs Annotation has wide industry usage and can help banks, academic institutions, law firms, IT companies, etc. leverage the power of online document collaboration. Try it now to see the difference. You will get going in minutes. Have interesting experiences to share? Please leave your feedback on GroupDocs products on our forum.