Contao users have a reason to smile. Our team is happy to announce the launch of GroupDocs’ Annotation plugin for Contao. Our document annotation app, GroupDocs Annotation, is popular with our users because it lets them annotate most popular file formats. Annotate PDF, word processing documents and images from a web-browser. GroupDocs Annotation lets you mark up documents, share feedback, discuss ideas and expedite the document review cycle. Invite colleagues for document review. Your colleagues can choose from a set of annotation options to add comments. This way, GroupDocs Annotation facilitates collaboration between team members. All members of a team can see comments or suggestion made by others. Information publishers then consolidate the feedback saved in a single file and publish the document. So save time, increase productivity, and make document collaboration simpler. [caption id=“attachment_3823” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“PDF Annotation Module for Contao Is Released”]PDF Annotation Module for Contao Is Released [/caption]

What is GroupDocs Annotation?Is collaborating with different teams for review taking endless hours? Don’t worry, GroupDocs Annotation helps you share and review documents online easily and quickly. All you need to do is to upload a document to your GroupDocs account and send invitations to members for document review. Members receive invitation and start annotating documents - text notes, point notes, and strikeouts are some of the options available. It’s that simple, avoid exchanging emails and work smarter with GroupDocs Annotation. GroupDocs’ app lets you communicate and complete tasks faster, whether you’re performing online PDF annotation or online JPEG annotation. From product managers to subject matter experts, GroupDocs Annotation makes collaboration across different groups easy and is extremely beneficial when you’re communicating with global teams. Streamline the review process and annotate PDF and other files from your desk.

Installing The Annotation PluginPlease refer to our online help for detailed instructions on installing and using GroupDocs’ annotation plugin for Contao. Please Note: to start using GroupDocs Annotation, you need to sign up with GroupDocs first. But don’t worry, we provide a free 14 days trial period so you can test the app before purchasing it.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?Collaboration fosters innovation - the adage holds true for the modern technology era. Companies are going social to engage with customers and gather information about their likes and dislikes. To make winning products, companies need to understand the buyers’ behavior, needs, utility, and benefits. To engage with consumers, community forums developed. People share their ideas, or service issues, and suggest ways of improving the platform. Organizations understand their customers’ needs and model their product based on their feedback. On the similar lines, file sharing and reviewing documents is a key activity in any workplace. Teams want to collaborate faster, resolve issues, and provide suggestions to improve document quality. The process results in faster communication and assist members to participate in collaborative reviewing. Writers and editors working on the project gain too and are not needed to follow-up with every member for review. Comments are visible to everyone in the group and people share ideas, resolve conflicts, and complete tasks efficiently. GroupDocs Annotation is compatible with wide range of file formats and doesn’t require software installations. The app allows you to annotate PDF, Excel and other files using only a browser. Academic institutions, healthcare, law firms, banking, advertising are some of the verticals that can leverage the power of GroupDocs Annotation Learning is fun and simple. Engage in document annotation to see the benefits. Try it now! Have interesting experiences to share? Please leave your feedback on GroupDocs’ products on our forum.