The Internet has transformed our lives. We buy things with click of a mouse, be it entertainment, grocery, or accessories. The consumer-web relationship will only grow in the near future. As a result, enterprises and small, as well as start-ups understand the need to engage and collaborate with consumers to get an edge and thrive. So, the need for online document management systems arose. Online document management systems allow you to view and share documents, increase productivity, facilitate collaboration, and save cost. [caption id=“attachment_3875” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“View and Annotate Documents Online with GroupDocs”]View and Annotate Documents Online with GroupDocs [/caption] Document storage and security are widely debated concerns. But cloud computing offers compelling features, and organizations realize the importance of online document management and are adapting to the change. GroupDocs’ online document management apps let you go paperless, share and annotate PDF and other documents, collect signatures and user information, and perform a number of other tasks (it’s a powerful package of six apps). From content sharing to preventing unauthorized use of data, GroupDocs provides optimal value. There’s no need to look for standalone products to meet a specific need. Use GroupDocs’ app suite and benefit from document collaboration. We’ll see how the combination of GroupDocs’ apps works for professionals working in the banking sector. Data analysts and investment bankers study company reports, financial statements and stock prices meticulously to predict future growth and publish projection reports. Research and collaboration with different groups are a part of their job. Based on their reports, investors invest in the stocks they suggest have the best chance to give a good return. With stiff competition, reaching out to potential customers and providing valuable information to get business is important. How can GroupDocs help?

Sharing Data – Online Document ViewerGroupDocs Viewer is a web-based app that lets you read, share, and view documents online with a browser. Share different document types (PDF, DOCX, XLS, etc.) with users effectively from within your website or company portal. No new software installations is needed. The online document viewer lets you embed documents and is platform independent. As a banker, you see the potential: disseminate reports faster, attract foreign investors and acquire business. Sharing information is easy and your customers do not have to rely on any external software to view data. If you are using a content management system (like WordPress or Joomla) to publish news or updates, GroupDocs’ online document viewer allows you to embed documents for visitors to view and read. Reach your target audience and share Excel files, PDF, Word files, or PowerPoint presentations projecting a firm’s growth trajectory in minutes. Your readers can search text, use thumbnails to navigate to a certain section of a report, print or download the document to read it offline (these features can also be turned off to safeguard the data). All that is possible with our all-in-one online document viewer.

SummaryProfessionals in the banking sector benefit from GroupDocs’ online document management apps in several ways:

  • GroupDocs Annotation speeds up document review by allowing teams to mark up documents in real time, online, and discuss suggested changes to resolve conflicts instantly.
  • GroupDocs Viewer allows them to share reports online quickly and easily in a way that allows their readers to access and view information without installing software or depending on any type of software other than a web browser.