GroupDocs Newsletter October 2013: Introducing GroupDocs Sync

To help you stay always up-to-date, we’ve developed GroupDocs Sync. It’s a low-impact application that syncs files between a GroupDocs account and one or more computers, so that you and your colleagues always have the latest versions of files. Work offline safe in the knowledge that when you go online again, the files are synced. To give you complete control, GroupDocs Sync allows you to sync automatically or manually. Try it now. This month, we’re also proud to share a blog post that shows how to create a GroupDocs Viewer web part for SharePoint. Read the post. New apps aren’t all we’ve been working on in the last month, we’ve also updated the web apps, SDK examples and released a number of CMS plugins.
  • Auto-complete when searching a document makes entering search terms quicker.
  • Content indexing for Microsoft Visio and Project documents for faster searches
  • Concatenate (combine) PDF files from the dashboard.
  • User interface improvements and fixes.
  • Improved change navigation.
  • Improvements to the embedded viewer.
  • Support for text searches.
  • Now available localized for Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Various fixes and performance tweaks improve speed and reliability.

Expect these exciting features soon:
  • GroupDocs Viewer for Java: Makes GroupDocs Viewer’s features available to Java developers as so that they can integrate them into their own applications.
  • GroupDocs Signature for .NET: The first release of GroupDocs Signature for.NET.
  • GroupDocs Comparison for .NET: The first release of GroupDocs Comparison for .NET.
  • Signers will be able to add comments or notes when signing.
  • Owners and signers will be able to chat when looking at the same envelope.
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for Mendix
  • GroupDocs Viewer plugin for TinyMCE
  • GroupDocs Assembly plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Assembly plugin for Salesforce
  • GroupDocs Assembly plugin for TinyMCE
  • GroupDocs Annotation plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Annotation plugin for Joomla!
  • GroupDocs Annotation plugin for TinyMCE
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for Joomla!
  • GroupDocs Signature plugin for TinyMCE
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for concrete5
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for dotCMS
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Moodle
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for Plone
  • GroupDocs Comparison plugin for TinyMCE

Here is some recent community activity:

Here are a couple of blog posts that we published in September: Thank you for choosing GroupDocs. The GroupDocs Team

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