Online document management has gained wide industry acceptance in the last few years. From version control, central document repositories, cost reduction, and increasing employee output: cloud technologies helps. One of the tasks we often perform in our work is to compare documents or files to find differences and check which version is the most recent. That can be frustrating at times: it is time consuming and takes time that could be used for other tasks. Consider the example of a software engineer who needs to review and spot the differences in two Javascript or PHP files. Checking lines of code manually is error-prone and the engineer may miss important details. In this scenario, there should be a mechanism that can highlight the differences real-time and provide a summary on additions or deletions made in the files. [caption id=“attachment_4112” align=“alignnone” width=“622” caption=“How Lawyers and Legal Firms Benefit from GroupDocs Comparison”] [/caption] Whether you need to compare Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PDF files – GroupDocs Comparison is here to help you. Use it to compare documents online, from within your web browser. In this blog, we’ll see how lawyers or legal firms can use our document comparison tool to their advantage. In the legal world, PDFs are commonly used for electronic filing and it has become a standard practice in courts and government agencies.

What is GroupDocs Comparison?GroupDocs Comparison is on online document comparison app that lets you accurately compare Word documents, as well as Excel and PDF files, online from your desk. When you compare Word documents, for example, GroupDocs generates a redline view to spot the differences between two files. All insertions or deletions are marked with blue and redline respectively. A summary of the compared document helps readers figure out changes in real-time. No new software installations are needed. With GroupDocs Comparison, you can consolidate the difference between different versions and export it to DOC file for offline editing. Protect documents from unauthorized use and view the categorized changes to stay current.

Benefits of the Document Comparison AppGroupDocs’ online document comparison tool offers compelling features that can be used to:

  • Version control: Lawyers constantly juggle files and documents to build their case. Keeping ten versions of a document may sound tidy, but eventually, they’ll need to automate the document comparison process to find the current version. GroupDocs Comparison does the job perfectly.
  • Compare Word documents, PDF files and Excel spreadsheets: Upload documents to GroupDocs, select the source and target documents and run document comparison. GroupDocs’ line tracking feature allows you to see the changes made to the document. Lawyers will find it very helpful as the feature works in a similar way to that of change tracking in Microsoft Word. It saves time and they can engage in multitasking.
  • Website integration: If you’re running a website and want to share a compared document with your peers, use the GroupDocs Comparison plugin. Faster dissemination of information is crucial to win business and clients. GroupDocs Comparison promotes online document collaboration.
  • Protect documents: GroupDocs Comparison helps you see what has been added, edited or deleted. This way, you can instantly spot and clear any unauthorized changes.
  • Compatible with different file formats: GroupDocs Comparison supports a wide range of popular industry formats. Since lawyers have to work on different legal documents, they may encounter cross-platform and version issues. Not anymore: GroupDocs Comparison overcomes cross-version issues and is platform independent. DOCX, XLS, PPTX, PDF, ODT, and many other formats are supported.

SummaryGroupDocs Comparison offers great value for professionals and corporates. Save time, avoid human error, check which is the most up-to-date version of two documents in seconds and increase productivity.