GroupDocs is excited to announce the launch of the GroupDocs Comparison plugin for TextPattern. With this plugin, you can compare two documents in a browser. Select source and target files and run the comparison. Embed the compared documents to your TextPattern pages and easily share them with peers. GroupDocs Comparison generates a summary of any changes made to the document. Tracking insertions or deletions is easy. GroupDocs Comparison runs on a web-browser so no new software installations is needed.

GroupDocs Comparison - An Online Document Comparison AppGroupDocs Comparison is an online document comparison tool that lets you compare documents and find differences between versions. Reviewing and comparing two Microsoft Word documents can be a time-consuming activity and may lead to errors. Our comparison app offers features and benefits that expediate the task and give accurate results. To find the current version of a document, select files from your GroupDocs account for comparison. In seconds, GroupDocs Comparison generates a summary report that highlights changes. The use of blueline (insertion) and redline (deletion) markup lets you see changes instantly. Merge the differences found in two Word documents and save them as a final .docx file! Refer to our online help on How To Generate Embed Key and Redline GUID for GroupDocs Comparison plugin to learn how to compare documents with extra security.

Online Document Comparison App - BenefitsWith faster product releases and organizations adapting to agile methodologies, content management is important. Publishing teams understand the need for version control to effectively manage this challenge. Checking legacy documents for review and comparison may take a lot of time. Multitasking is crucial. So people adapt to web-based technologies to achieve tasks and increase output. GroupDocs Comparison fulfills the objective - save time, avoid manual errors, protect unauthorized use and stay current. Some of the benefits of using GroupDocs Comparison are:

  • Track view: Multicolor tracking view highlights additions or deletions.
  • Consolidate document: Merge different versions of a documents into a single file and export it to Word.
  • Categorize changes: List view and status view helps navigation between pages to check the status.
  • Protect documents: Monitor and remove any unauthorized changes.
  • Stay Current: Find document differences quickly and manage document version effectively.

Why GroupDocs Comparison?Think of document comparison in the past: it was a cumbersome task for writers and editors. Searching archived documents and sitting an entire day to figure out the changes made between previous and current document versions. Manual intervention was needed and prone to errors. With technology advancements, document management tools are important for optimizing task and achieving goals. GroupDocs Comparison provides solutions that meets the demand for companies in the document management space. Generate a consolidated document that tracks the findings and share it with colleagues and peers. Product teams get an overview of any modifications which helps them devise an effective design strategy. An activity that required hours to complete can now be done in minutes. Web-entrepreneurs can embed and share documents online with partners through their portal or CMS. This facilitates document collaboration and speeds up the operational cycle. Want to see how it works? Register now. Learning GroupDocs Comparison is easy: you will understand the flow in minutes. We appreciate and value our customers’ feedback. Your suggestions can help us improve and deliver products and services effectively. Write an email to support@groupdocs.comchat online or post feedback or queries on the GroupDocs Forum.