We’re glad to announce the launch of GroupDocs’ annotation plugin for Moodle. GroupDocs Annotation, an online annotation app, is popular with our users because it lets them annotate and review most popular file formats from a web-browser. Upload any document that you want a team to review to a GroupDocs account. Then copy and paste the embed link to a Moodle page. Invite and share the link with members to start collaborative annotation. Moodle CMS displays the embedded document and makes file sharing easy and simple. GroupDocs Annotation lets you annotate PDF and other files from a web-browser. A wide set of annotation option allows reviewers to add comments the way that suits them best: by adding comments, for example, or drawing on the document. In minutes, members working across different time-zones can collaborate and suggest changes. All comments are saved in a single file that helps publishing teams expedite the review cycle.

GroupDocs Annotation: BenefitsDocument review processes are often long. A document must go through different checks and is reviewed by different divisions in an organization. Sometimes, the existing process does not use employees time the best way it could. GroupDocs Annotation offers compelling document management benefits to individuals and organizations. It’s a Cloud app, and Cloud apps have transformed the way organizations operate. They reduce cost, can improve productivity and facilitate team collaboration. Some of the benefits of GroupDocs Annotation are:

  • Wide file format support: Supports a wide-range of file formats from text, spreadsheets, PDF, or image files.
  • Collaboration: Share a link or invite members via email. Within minutes, team members collaborate online.
  • Integration: Download and install the plugin to your CMS and embed the document directly from GroupDocs.
  • Access rights: Restrict document rights (download, print, or copy) when sharing documents to prevent unauthorized use.
  • View comments in side panel: Read the comments made by each reviewer to keep updated and avoid repeating comments.
  • Presentation mode: View documents in real-time, broadcasting mouse, scroll and zoom events.

Why GroupDocs Annotation?When active minds collaborate, new ideas are generated. Organizations understand the ‘social explosion’ phenomena worldwide that has changed buyer attitudes and behavior. They adapt to new methods and technologies to improve work output, collaborate faster and create an exchange platform when working to create the next big product. Customer feedback and suggestions are important aspects for product design. In short: fast review, feedback, and collaboration holds great value for product development. GroupDocs’ cloud-based annotation app serves the need for different industry verticals. Annotate PDF, Microsoft Word or image files from your desk. Engage in document sharing, add comments, resolve conflicts and improve document quality. No additional software is required as it runs in a web-browser. Collaborate with global teams easily and start reviewing online. Anyone invited to collaborate on a document can view, read and comment. This platform not only promotes making suggestions or reviewing documents, it also acts an an in-house employee forum for discussions. From academic institutions, technology start-ups, law firms, online businesses, advertising firms - all need a powerful online document management platform. Want to see how it works? Try now!. Learning GroupDocs’ PDF annotation app is easy: you will understand the flow in minutes. We appreciate and value our customers’ feedback. Your suggestions can help us improve and deliver products and services effectively. Write an email to support@groupdocs.comchat online or post feedback or queries on the GroupDocs Forum.