GroupDocs.Viewer for Java We’re pleased to announce the release of the GroupDocs Viewer for Java Library! Java developers can now seamlessly use our web-based document viewer within their Java development environment. Just like GroupDocs Viewer for .NET Library, this version can be easily embedded into customer platforms and allows developers to display over 40 document and image file formats without any external dependencies.

Benefits of the GroupDocs Document Viewer for Java Library:1. Support for more than 40 file formats, including: Portable Document Format: .pdf Microsoft Word: .doc .docx .docm .dot .dotx .dotm Microsoft Excel: .xls .xlsx .xlsm .xlt .xltx .xltm .xlsb .xml Microsoft PowerPoint: .ppt .pptx .pptm Microsoft Visio: .vsd .vss .vst .vsw .vdx .vsx .vtx .vsdx .vsdm .vssx .vssm .vstx .vstm .vsl Microsoft Project: .mpp .mpt .mpx Microsoft Outlook: .msg OpenDocument Formats: .odt .ott .ods .odp Rich Text Format: .rtf Plain Text Format: .txt Comma-Separated Values: .csv HyperText Markup Language: .htm .html .mht .mhtml XML Paper Specification: .xps AutoCAD Drawing File Format: .dxf Image files: .bmp .gif .jpg .png .tiff 2. Hosted documents can be either rasterized or converted to HTML+CSS+SVG using HTML5 technology. The last option allows you to render documents as real text files, meaning users can search for, select and copy text to the clipboard right from the hosted documents. 3. No Flash, Adobe Reader or any other 3rd party software installation is required. Users can view documents from any desktop, tablet or mobile device browser that supports HTML5. 4. GroupDocs Viewer for Java library comes with a convenient UI that allows users to seamlessly navigate multi-page documents in a browser. In particular, users can scroll or turn pages with buttons, preview pages with thumbnails, jump to a specified page, zoom in and out of a document, search for text using keywords, print and download documents right from a web-browser. 5. The UI can be easily customized to match your own app style. You can customize fonts, color scheme, button styles - whatever you need. You can also customize UI functionality. For example, you can restrict or hide the document download and print options for security reasons. 6. Being optimized for Java development environment, GroupDocs Viewer is easy to integrate into your projects. In addition, we provide free technical support during the whole integration period for hassle-free deployment. If you’d like to integrate our Java document viewer into your own app, download a free trial version, or contact our sales team for a free 30-day evaluation license which comes with a fully-functional version of the library. Also, please visit the GroupDocs Viewer for Java Library product page for more details on features and code samples.