GroupDocs.Annotation Greetings everyone! As you may already know, we’ve recently released the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java library. It is basically an HTML5-based document viewer that comes with a comprehensive set of tools for marking up and commenting on documents of almost 50 file formats. The library provides end users with the ability to view, annotate and collaborate on documents in real time. Today we’d like to present you with a quick guide on how to set up a basic Java web application with the document annotation capability. In this tutorial you will find out how to initialize and use AnnotationHandler, the main class that represents the GroupDocs.Annotation library itself. Further, you will find a request mapping, so that you can correctly map user actions to the server side code. Another nice feature is the configuration of the SignalR library, the tool that enables real time collaboration mode, when several parties can annotate the same document simultaneously and see each other’s comments in real time. For those of you who would like to try and test the GroupDocs.Annotation for Java web application, but have no time for creating it from scratch, we provide the project source code. So feel free to download, deploy and configure it for your needs. If you are using NetBeans, you can just create a new “Web Application with Existing Sources”, point to the sample sources and start it from the IDE. Go to the tutorial »>