GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Logo We’re pleased to announce the release of the PimCore extension for the .NET version of our HTML5 document viewer. PimCore developers can now seamlessly integrate the viewer’s functionality into their projects. Once installed, you will be able to embed and display almost 50 types of documents, including PDF and Microsoft Office, in your website or web app. This extension compliments the cloud-based one, which we’ve released earlier. So, from now you can choose between two deployment options: a cloud on-demand service or the downloadable .NET library. The first one is easier to deploy, but requires documents to be hosted on the GroupDocs servers. If you don’t want to expose your content to the Internet and would like to host your documents on-premises, please consider the downloadable .NET version. For more details on the HTML5 document viewer and deployment options, please see this page. Users who have purchased a license for the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library can use the new extension for free. In case you don’t have a license, but would like to test the viewer on your PimCore project, please feel free to contact sales for a free 30-day trial. For more information on the .NET extension, please visit the null.