GroupDocs.Comparsion for .NET Sample – Compare Two Documents in C#/VB.NET and Display Diffs on APS.NET Sites

GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET LogoGroupDocs.Comparison for .NET is a diff/merge library that allows you to compare two versions of a document and generate a resulting file by applying or rejecting the differences found. Using the library, you can compare two Word documents, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, TXT, ODT or HTML files. The library is designed as a middleware which makes it easy for developers to integrate it into any document management/collaboration workflow. It is written in a 100% managed code and can be used in any .NET application with C#/ VB.NET or any other CLR-compatible languages. The core engine of the GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET can be used in any type of applications with or without a GUI. For example, you can use the library to compare documents, generate a list of differences and even merge the compared documents programmatically in a console application. In addition to that, the library comes with an out-of-the box diff view web interface. The UI along with specifically designed API methods for ASP.NET apps, allow you to seamlessly provide your end users with the capability to compare documents right in a web-browser, without having to install any office software. To demonstrate its key features and different use cases live, we’ve created a sample project that is easy to explore and comes with a detailed description. The sample is now published on the GitHub, so you are welcome to download and explore it. For more details on GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET, its key features and support resources, please visit the products page.