GroupDocs Customer Newsletter – March 2015

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March, 2015

GroupDocs.Viewer: Burn in Watermarks to Protect the Documents You Share

Not a long time ago, we’ve implemented an ability to share documents in a PDF format. When enabled, viewers can download only a PDF copy of your original document. Today, we’re pleased to announce an enhancement to this feature.

Starting from version 2.8.0, you can set GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET to burn in custom watermarks to PDF copies of shared documents, while your original documents stored on the server stay intact.

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Product News
New and Coming Soon to GroupDocs.Signature for .NET

In the latest release we’ve implemented a capability of verifying unique reference IDs applied to signed documents. This allows you to control whether a document was actually signed using the GroupDocs.Signature interface / library, or via some other application or tool. Here is how this works:

1. A unique reference ID is generated automatically upon signing a document. The ID is burned into the signed document as metadata and also streamed to your server using the sign method, so that you can save it.

2. Once you receive a signed document, you can verify whether the document was signed using the GroupDocs.Signature interface by checking your saved reference IDs with one in the document’s metadata.

As you may already know, GroupDocs.Signature can be used either programmatically, as a document e-signature engine, or in conjunction with an out-of-the-box UI that comes with the library. In case you use it as a pure engine, the reference ID is returned by the sign method. And when using the library along with the in-built UI, the reference ID is also saved to a database for the corresponding document. Grab the latest GroupDocs.Signature for .NET release from here.

New and Coming Soon to GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET

In this months release we’ve added resize functionality for document page images, when the input is from a file or an input stream. Also we’ve added new Image Save Options to allow users to define the output image resolution, and new Html Conversion Options which give users 2 different rendering engine options when converting HTML files to other file formats. Grab the latest GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET release from here.

From The Library
GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Library Version 2.8.0 – Discover New Features and Enhancements in this Release

This month we’ve implemented several new useful features in the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET libary, including: faster and smoother page scrolling when viewing large documents (>100 pages); Italian localization support and new document page layouts, optimized for books – learn more.

Improved API and New Features in the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java Library Version 2.7.0

In this release, we’ve updated the InputDataHandler interface which makes the process of handling documents from custom storage sources a breeze. We’ve also added the ability to rotate document pages in the image-based rendering mode. A detailed description for all new features implemented in this release along with download URLs for the latest sample projects can be found here.

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Product Releases And Updates
GroupDocs.Total for .NET – The latest versions of our .NET products packaged into one product suite.GroupDocs.Total for Java – The latest versions of our Java products packaged into one product suite.
GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 2.8.0 – Intellisense XML documentation, new double page layout, Italian localization, improved scrolling for large documents, improved printing of PDF’s.GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 1.8.2 – Search improvements, along with numerous small updates and bug fixes.
GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET 1.8.0 – Resize document page images, job progress notifications, image conversion resolution options, security enhancements and more.