GroupDocs.Viewer for Java GroupDocs.Viewer for Java is a multi-format document viewer library that allows developers to seamlessly enhance their Java applications with the capability to display over 50 document and image types. Designed based on the client-server architecture, GroupDocs.Viewer doesn’t transfer documents to client machines during view sessions. Instead, the library converts documents to web-compatible content, transfers it to clients and then renders in a web-browser. This client-server architecture provides you with the following benefits: 1. End users see only web copies of the shared documents, while original files stay on the server. Combined with the in-built Digital Rights Management feature, this allows you to share documents in a “read-only” mode. You have complete control over documents security and can easily prevent unauthorized content copying. 2. Since documents are converted to pure HTML, CSS and SVG or raster images, they can be rendered in any standard web-browser. You don’t have to worry about whether end-users have the software required to open and view a document. 3. There is no need to install and maintain any 3rd party software on the client side, which significantly reduces IT overhead. Recently we’ve created a new Java PDF viewer sample built using the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library and dropwizard framework. The sample allows you to quickly explore key features of the viewer and get an idea of how the viewer can be customized and integrated into your web-based Java app or website. For more information on GroupDocs.Viewer for Java and supported file formats, please see its homepage, while the sample project along with its description can be found on the codeplex website.