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April, 2015

Merge Document Templates With Your Data Sources

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET is a powerful library that allows developers to generate hundreds of custom documents on-the-fly by automatically combining document templates with data obtained from a database, datasource file or user input.

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET can be used to generate invoices, bills, order quotes, insurance policies and any other documents in a PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint format.

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Document Assembly - .NET Library
Product News
GroupDocs.Viewer for Java: support for new file formats, plus enhanced API for custom cache configuration

This month we’ve managed to release two new versions of the GroupDocs.Viewer for Java library – version 2.8.0 and 2.9.0. In these two releases we’ve added support for 5 new file formats, including: ICO, PSD, ODP, PPS and PPSX. Another major update – is the extended CacheDataHandlerinterface, which allows you to configure and manage custom caching rules. You can now control what data, how and when you’d like the viewer to cache on the server. For example, you can configure the library to add only encrypted data to cache and set your custom storage path. Please read this guide for details on how the interface works.

In the version 2.9.0 we’ve also added support for hyperlinks in textual documents. For more details on these and numerous other improvements, please see release notes and download the latest version from the downloads section of our website.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java: merge two different document types to a single PDF file

With the latest release of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java library version 1.1.0, you can now convert two or more different document types supported by the library to a single merged PDF file. In addition, the new version supports Microsoft Word bookmarks. You can configure the library to include bookmarks to output files when converting Word documents to PDFs. For more details on this recent release and to download the library, please visit this page.

From The Library
Secure ASP.NET PDF viewer – a C# sample built using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library

Without doubt, one of the most popular document formats our customers deal with is PDF. Generally, it is quite easy to find a solution to display PDFs on an ASP.NET site. While that is the case, things become a lot more complicated when your customer needs to protect the displayed PDF from unauthorized copying. In this C# sample we discover key benefits and a security approach used in the ASP.NET PDF viewer built on GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library. Read more.

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library: working with the Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer class

The Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer class contains a number of methods that allow you to set several crucial application-wide parameters for the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library. In particular, this is where you can set custom storage paths for your documents, cache and product license. Recently we’ve updated our documentation for the Groupdocs.Web.UI.Viewer class and are welcoming everyone who uses GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET to explore the guide.

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Product Releases And Updates

GroupDocs.Total for .NET: the latest versions of our .NET products packaged into one product suite.


GroupDocs.Total for Java: the latest versions of our Java products packaged into one product suite.

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 2.10.0: added the ability to select text when displaying documents in WinForms applications.


GroupDocs.Viewer for Java 2.9.0: added support for ICO, PSD, ODP, PPS and PPSX formats, implemented the ability to configure custom cache handler and storage path.

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET 1.3.0: updated API to simplify data merge configuration; numerous minor improvements and optimizations.


GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 1.9.0: added the ability to configure custom colors for the Ruler tool; implemented several API improvements.

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET 1.9.0: implemented the ability to verify unique reference IDs applied to signed documents.


GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 1.1.0: added support for Microsoft Word bookmarks; two different document types can now be merged into a single PDF file.

GroupDocs.Comparison for .NET 2.3.2: minor improvements and bug fixes.


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