GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET Version 2.11.1 Released

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NETWe’re pleased to announce the release of the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library – version 2.11.1. In this release we’ve implemented over 16 improvements and issue fixes reported by our customers. In particular, we’ve improved PDF document rendering accuracy and fixed issues that caused incorrect text and other document elements flow when displaying documents in Internet Explorer 9. We’ve also improved handling of the email files (MSG, EML). When viewing an email message, its title is now displayed above the message body and is separated with a horizontal line. In case the message includes attachments, they are listed in a separate section. These enhancements make the process of viewing and browsing through email messages without using any 3rd party email clients or office suites easier and more intuitive. Other enhancements implemented in this version include:
  • Improved behavior of the search feature in the HTML-based rendering mode. Now text highlighting of matched words works more accurately.
  • Implemented the capability to download a source document even if it is corrupted or the file format is not supported and can’t be displayed by the viewer.
  • Fixed the issue that in rare occurrences caused improper rendering of page thumbnails.
For more details about this release and to download the library, please go to this page. If you need assistance, or come across an issue, go to the GroupDocs.Viewer forum.