Added support for new formats in GroupDocs.Conversion for Java library – PDF to HTML, Word to HTML and more

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java LibraryWe’re pleased to announce the release of a new version of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java library – 1.2.0. In this release we’ve implemented three major updates. Probably the most interesting among them – is the ability to convert all supported file formats to HTML (including PDF to HTML, Microsoft Word to HTML and many more). We also added support for Microsoft Word bookmarks and the ability to convert and merge several documents into one PDF file.

Convert PDF and Microsoft Office Documents to HTML

With this feature, you can now convert files of any format supported by GroupDocs.Conversion for Java to HTML. To name just a few, the library allows you to convert:
  • PDF to HTML
  • Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) to HTML
  • Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) to HTML
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX) to HTML
  • Microsoft Outlook (MSG, EML) to HTML
  • Microsoft Project (MPP, MPT) to HTML
  • Microsoft Visio (VSD, VSDX) to HTML
  • OpenDocument (ODT, ODS, OTT) to HTML
Source documents can be obtained either from files or from streams. And in the output you can also get either a complete web-page saved in a file (HTML + CSS + images) or send converted data (texts, images, fonts and other document elements) to streams. Documents can be converted one-by-one on-demand or in batch. You can configure the library to convert one specific page within a document to HTML, all document pages to equivalent number of individual HTMLs (page-by-page), or all document pages to one single HTML file. For more details on these and other GroupDocs.Conversion for Java features and supported file formats, please visit its homepage. If you have any question about the library, please see documentation, or make a request in our support forum.