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The GroupDocs team is pleased to announce the Front End sample project for the ASP.NET MVC developers. The reason behind this release is to facilitate the developers to write their own document viewer using GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 3.x. Almost all the functionalities have been implemented in this project which was given in the old GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET 2.x UI Based API. The developers are flexible to customize the application by their own. This project has been published at

Supported ASP.NET MVC Front End FeaturesThe ASP.NET MVC Front End provides end users with tools needed for convenient viewing and navigation of a documents in a browser. The front end provides all the most commonly used UI controls available in native Adobe Reader’s plugin, including:

  • Scroll view, one page in a row, two pages in a row view, double page flipping
  • Pagination controls
  • Page zooming
  • Page thumbnails
  • Text selection and copying to the clipboard
  • Text search with different match types
  • Document downloading and printing

Requirements to Run ASP.NET MVC Front EndGroupDocs.Viewer for .NET MVC Example

Downloads of ASP.NET MVC Front EndThe ASP.NET MVC Front End can be downloaded from GitHub Repository. Please click here to download or visit the release page at

Contribute in ASP.NET MVC Front EndThe developers can also contribute to the FrontEnd through one of the following ways:

  1. Find an issue or an idea of new feature – fix it and submit a pull request.
  2. Find an issue or an idea of new feature – create an issue in the Github. In this case, GroupDocs Support Team will look on it.

Every effort by the developers/customers would be appreciated.