GroupDocs is improving its products continuously and seamlessly to enhance user experience. GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET 1.6.0 release is ready to be announced. View the list of interactive features introduced in the latest version of documents metadata API.

GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET 1.6.0 – New Features

In this release, the following new features are introduced so now API has the ability to:

  • Read and write XMP metadata of TIFF format
  • Inspect hidden data in Excel format
  • Inspect hidden data in PowerPoint format
  • Read TIFF Image File Directory tags
  • Remove hidden data in PowerPoint format
  • Remove hidden data in Excel format
  • Throws DocumentProtectedException when document could not be opened without a password
  • Read XMP metadata without header process instruction
  • Process multi-page TIFF during loading XMP metadata

Available Channels and Resources

Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Metadata:

  • Download – MSI Package as well as Zipped DLLs
  • NuGet – Nuget install
  • Documentation
  • Examples/Plugins/Showcases – How to use Metadata API source code examples
  • Video Tutorials – YouTube videos
  • Product Support Forum – Technical Support Forum for GroupDocs.Metadata


As always, if someone is interested in sharing his/her feedback about GroupDocs.Metadata for .NET release 1.6.0, just share thoughts by creating a forum thread.