Document comparison is a process of finding differences in two documents of same format. It can be a content difference or can be any contextual differences. GroupDocs.Comparison for Java compares a source document with a target document and produces a result document which highlights the differences in a suitable way i.e. colored highlighting or by differing font information that has either been added to or removed from the reference document to produce the target document.

Servlets based Front-end for Comparison APIThe front-end is developed using Java Servlets. It is capable enough to accept two documents of common formats from the user and compare and highlight their differences in a third result file of same format. Common document formats for comparison include word processing documents (like Microsoft Word), spreadsheets (like Microsoft Excel), presentations (e.g. PowerPoint), and Portable Document Format (PDF) documents.

How to use the ProjectThe working of GroupDocs.Comparison for Java is easy enough to be defined in a few steps.

  • Two files of common formats are selected and uploaded.
  • Mentions the type of comparison i.e. Words, Cells and PDF etc.
  • Submits the form to start the actual work.
  • Compares the documents and downloads the result file which highlights all the differences in uploaded files.

PrerequisitesFollowing are the requirements to run GroupDocs.Comparison for Java Servlets Front-end.

  • Java Development Kit 8
  • Maven 3
  • Any modern web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

How to RunFollowing steps should be followed to run GroupDocs.Comparison for Java Servlets Front-end.

  • Go to project directory using command prompt and run mvn jetty:run command.
  • Go to http://localhost:8080/ using your web browser.

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