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GroupDocs team is happy to release another version of ASP.NET MVC Front End with a bunch of new features that were demanded by the customers. Not only this but most of the reported issues have also been resolved in the latest ASP.NET MVC Front End. We recommend you to download and try this version of the application to get a much better experience. Let’s have a look at the list of enhancements, fixes, and improvements.

ASP.NET MVC Document Viewer - Enhancements**ASP.NET MVC Front End **has come with following new features.

  • Zooming Options in MVC front end application
  • Implementation of printWithWatermark option when using Pdf printing
  • Implementation of popup messages in case of exceptions
  • Ability to drag the image when zoomed in instead of using the scroll bars
  • Responsive behavior of the viewer container
  • Implement watermark opacity feature
  • View next and previous files in viewer using navigation buttons
  • Search functionality in image-based representation
  • Enable/disable right click menu
  • Provide an option to supply URL
  • Display all email attachments after mail message in viewer

ASP.NET MVC Front End - FixesFollowing are the issues that are fixed in the latest release.

  • Unable to view Visio (*.vsd) files in HTML mode
  • Thumbnails are not generated correctly when using the API in evaluation mode

ASP.NET MVC Front End - ImprovementsFollowing improvement has been incorporated in the latest version of online document viewer application.

  • Prevent multiple requests to get same page image

How to Contribute?All of our Showcase projects are open source, using MIT license. Therefore, developers can freely use whole project or part of it in their applications. We would be happy if you want to contribute by suggesting or adding a new feature or improving the existing ones, so other developers could also benefit from it.

FeedbackAs always, we shall be happy to know your thoughts. Just create a forum thread to share your issues or suggestions with us.