Logo Image Team groupdocs ecstatically releasing Annotation for Java Servlets based Front-end V1.2.0. Considering the valuable customers feedback, this release covers a lot of bug fixes and new features. GroupDocs users are free to customize and enhance the application by their own. This project is opensource and already published on GitHub.

GroupDocs.Annotaion for Java front-end V1.2.0The GroupDocs.Annotation for Java front-end is a WYSIWYG editor designed to simplify annotating documents using GroupDocs.Annotation for Java API. It incorporates Java servlets at back-end and angularJS at front that allows it’s users to annotate the documents more fluently. We are especially thankful to those who have contributed. Your feedback and support has enabled us to deliver our first stable release.

Loading the license fileIn order experience the application fluently and error free, users have to provide the license file for GroupDocs.Annotation for Java or GroupDocs.Total for Java.

More precised annotationThis release of servlets front-end brings end users with tools to annotate documents more accurately using GroupDocs.Annotation for Java API so the resultant documents have the same results which you have seen in the browser.

Annotations availabilityNow the application remembers all the annotations you’ve made to prevent its user from the fear of losing the annotated state of document.

Deleting annotationsNow user can delete any made annotation with its associated comment through a single click only.

Java Servlets Front-end V1.2.0 New FeaturesFeatures introduced in Servlets based Front-end V1.2.0 are:

  • Ability to delete any made Annotation.
  • Displaying previously made annotations every time application starts.
  • More accurate annotation drawing.
  • Result document is same as the annotated document in browser.

Java Servlets based Front-end - DownloadsThe application can be downloaded from GitHub Repository.

Contribute in Java Servlets Front-endThe developers can also contribute to the Front-end through one of the following ways:

  1. Find an issue or an idea of new feature – fix it and submit a pull request.
  2. Find an issue or an idea of new feature – create an issue in the Github. In this case, GroupDocs Support Team will look on it.

Every effort by the developers/customers would be appreciated.