GroupDocs.Search for .NET We are really excited to announce the release of GroupDocs.Search for .NET 17.3.0 API. This  regular monthly release comes up with around nine features, bug fixes and enhancements. Version 17.03 of the API has optimized the fuzzy and regex search functionality. The API now supports all the methods in previous index versions. Well, that’s not just all! the API has also added some exciting features like implementation of numeric range search feature, limiting the number of search results and implementation of  functions about the relationship between max mistake count and word length for Fuzzy Search. We strongly suggest you to download the latest version of the  API and check out all the features introduced in this release.

GroupDocs.Search for .NET - New FeaturesGroupDocs.Search for .NET 17.03.0 introduces the following new features in this release:

For further details, please visit Features Overview.

Available Channels and ResourcesHere are a few channels and resources for you to download, try, learn and get technical support on GroupDocs.Search: