GroupDocs Viewer for .NET

GroupDocs team is proudly announcing new **Modern Web-Part **for  SharePoint Developers for GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET API.  Using this release SharePoint developers can not only integrate GroupDocs.Viewer in their SharePoint site, but they can also customize it according to their needs. This new release is simple, efficient and, user friendly. Please download and investigate this new Web-Part.

Let’s explore key highlights in this new user interface.

Modern Look-and-FeelThe look and feel has been completely revamped using Material Design.  

Desktop, Tablet, PhoneMobile responsiveness is built into the new app. It works fine with all kind of screens ranging from phone, tablet, desktop and even retina display. When you move from large screen to smaller, the viewer will automatically re-arrange its layout to adjust into the available area.

Cross-browser CompatibilityThe app is compatible with famous browsers including Internet Explorer. You will get same user experience when using it in any modern day web browser.

HTML-based RenderingThe document is rendered in HTML mode and loads very quickly as compared to image-based rendering. This also enables you to copy-paste text from the document.

ThumbnailsThe left sidebar of viewer allows you to preview thumbnails of document pages. You can jump to any document page by clicking on its thumbnail.

DownloadThe app provides you a button on top toolbar to download and save the original document. You can also download a PDF of document, which can be later used for printing.

Pixel-perfect renderingGroupDocs and its upstream products of Aspose are famous for its accurate rendering. The app delivers same promises of GroupDocs and renders the document with high precision. Unlike our previous app, the document is rendered in isolated environment so that the HTML/JS/CSS of app does not conflict with CSS of document itself.

Open Multiple FilesThe top toolbar allows the user to switch between available files to open. The list of available files is populated from server automatically. To add new files to the list, just put them in storage directory.

Open SourceThe best part is that full source code of the app is available to download from GitHub. You can also contribute to the app by sending a pull-request.

API FeaturesThe app covers most APIs of GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, which allows anyone to see how to use same API in their own apps.

Easy IntegrationThe app can be easily embedded or integrated with another app of your choice. You can either use IFRAME or embed it as AngularJS Module.

FeedbackAs always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write on our forum.