Team GroupDocs is excited to announce another monthly release of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 17.3.0. API comes with multitude of new features such as metered licensing, count document pages, conversion to gray-scale image and many more. Aside this, many improvements, bug fixes and some new document formats are introduced in this release. We would recommend you to download the new release and evaluate the exciting features to enhance document conversion experience.

Document Conversion API for Java - Features

GroupDocs Document Conversion API - Improvements

  • Improve performance of Word to Pdf and Word to Epub conversions
  • Improve progress reporting
  • Improve memory handling on save
  • Improve output file name if converting from/to page
  • Improve memory handling in documents
  • Improvement in conversion from HTML to PDF

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 17.3.0 - Bug Fixes

  • Use LZW compression for internal tiff compression
  • Missing “Fixedlayout” Property while Updating VB Example
  • File name contains extra symbols
  • Converting to image with set DPI options without setting image width and height is producing invalid image
  • HideWordTrackedChanges set to ’true’ but still its showing track changes and markup
  • Exception when loading EPUB in multithread
  • Exception when converting DWG to PNG in multithread
  • Exception is thrown when resizing specific Pdf file
  • Convert to HTML from PDF - Words in Bold Letters are not properly displayed
  • Pdf to Html conversion formatting issue
  • Wrong characters when saving in HTML
  • Multipage Tiff is not converted properly to Pdf
  • Page mode conversions do not work
  • HideWordTrackedChanges not respected when converting from word
  • Dpi resolution not respected when converting Cells to Image
  • When converting a Cell to Pdf, the sheet is split into multiple pdf pages
  • System.ArgumentOutOfRange Exception when adding shape to slide and saving
  • Converting TXT to any format with limiting pages produces wrong output
  • Exception when trying to access SaveOptions.ConvertFileType
  • .tif to .png conversion is not as expected
  • Memory leak when converting CAD stream to image
  • % symbol in the file name throws an exception

Available Channels and ResourcesHere are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Conversion: