About Sakhr Software

Sakhr Software Company is a pioneer and market leader in advanced Arabic language technology and solutions. With 28+ years of leading research and development in Arabic computational linguistics, Sakhr has successfully transformed its research in  “Natural Language Processing”;  (NLP)  into industry-first commercial software and solutions. Governments and enterprises in multiple industries across the Arab region and beyond use Sakhr’s award-winning technology to handle any Arabic content for the digital age. We provide the leading solutions for Arabic, including:

Using GroupDocs.Total for .NET to handle and manage the documents manipulations in Sakhr Correspondence Management System.

Amr Hammad, Projects Director, August 2017


We have been looking for a generic document viewer that we can OEM and use within our Correspondence Management System. The development team consists of 5 developers for implementing the new Correspondence Management System.

We are in the process to upgrade our solution in 5 customers with an average of 200 users in each customer.

Sakhr Software - Arabic Language Technology

Figure 1: Login page of the system


Finding a Solution

We evaluated more than 5 products and compare their technology, supported document formats, features, Arabic support, and licensing schemes. Our team selected the GroupDocs suite from Aspose as we need more features than viewing documents.


The solution took 12 months in the development. The challenges were minor as we have been working in the same field for years and the integration with GroupDocs and other third parties was straightforward. In some cases, we needed support from the GroupDocs team and we got the needed support on the timeframe. 


The outcome of our implementation is having state of the art modern Correspondence Management System that can manage and handle all types of the required documents.

Next Steps

We are planning to deploy the solutions in the government agencies in GCC.


The target objectives and features were achieved, GroupDocs API saved the time and the efforts for our team and minimized the required investments for the company.

Based on the above, we highly recommend the Aspose GroupDocs Suite of APIs, productive, easy to use, flexible and above all affordable.