We have always been improving our APIs to meet the requirements of our customers. Therefore, today, we are announcing another monthly release of GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 17.3.0. API comes with multitude of new features like support for Images, metered licensing and many more. Aside this, many improvements and bug fixes are introduced in this release. We would recommend you to download the new release and evaluate the exciting features to enhance document comparison experience.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 17.3.0 - Features

  • Add support for Shapes
  • Add support of styles to text watermarks
  • Add support for Apply/Discard changes
  • Add support for Watermarks
  • Add support for Hyperlinks
  • Add support for Comments
  • Add support for Text Box
  • Add support of Apply/Discard changes
  • Add support for Shapes
  • Integrate Metered licensing
  • Add support of comparing Text Font in Watermarks
  • Add support for Formulas
  • Add support for Images
  • Add support for Chart
  • Add support for Smart Art
  • Add support for VBA Controls
  • Add support of mobi format
  • Add ability of comparing DICOM documents by Comparison.Imaging
  • Apply/Discard changes for DICOM format
  • Add summary page to images streams

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 17.3.0 - Improvements

  • Improve aligning of slides for more precise changes detection
  • Remove Text Artifacts from documents before Paragraph absorbation
  • Improve set coordinates for components
  • Improve set HorizontalAlignment
  • Add borders for deleted and inserted cells and Range of cells
  • Fix problem when moving modified table into new page and not deleting previous version of added table
  • Improve Trim paragraphs by pages after some change in absorbing paragraphs
  • Improve comparison changes detection for Paragraphs
  • Improve comparison quality for images in header, footer, setting coordinates for components and paragraphs by pages
  • Add support of Imaging DjVu
  • Improve comparison changes detection for Paragraphs
  • Implement the process absorbing of tables with merged cells
  • Improved public API
  • Add ability for comparison of result and original files in Imaging.Tests
  • Add localize exceptions for wrong passwords while opening documents in Cells, Words, Slides and PDF

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 17.3.0 - Bug Fixes

  • Compile Error on Comparison Document for VB.NET
  • Exception: The newChild was created from a different document than the one that created this node.
  • Set type change for paragraph runs after page break
  • Fix cells appearance after critical update for Aligner comparer and Document builder
  • Fix bug when some lines are deleted or inserted where should not be
  • Fix bug when first line of paragraph don’t have indent but should have
  • Fix bug when component change its page but dont change its position but should be
  • Fix bug when first line of paragraph use as not paragraph line
  • Fix bug when text from tables use twice with simple paragraphs
  • PDF files with tables and footer lines generating unexpected output

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