Rotate Zoom and Toggle between Html and Image Representation in GroupDocs.Viewer MVC Modern UI for .NET v1.3

GroupDocs Viewer for .NET

GroupDocs team keeps on adding new features in ASP.NET MVC Front End for GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET, so that users can enjoy user-friendly interface, easily manageable code, pixel perfect rendering with features supported in our old front ends. In this new release v1.3 user can now load document in both HTML and Image in the document. User can toggle between image and html through the Toggle image button. Under Image Representation user can Rotate and Document and Zoom In/Out. We recommend you to download and explore this new version. Let’s have a look at it.

Let’s explore new features in detail.

Toggle to Image Representation

User can now toggle between HTML and Image providing user a variety of features of ViewerImageHandler. Let’s take a look at the code,

ViewerImageHandler handler = Utils.CreateViewerImageHandler();
ImageOptions o = new ImageOptions();
o.PageNumbersToRender = new List<int>() { page };
o.PageNumber = page;
o.CountPagesToRender = 1;
List<PageImage> list = Utils.LoadPageImageList(handler, file, o);

Zoom Image

  • Zoom in/Out buttons are visible only under Image Representation of file.
  • Zoom will increase/decrease the size of image to 10 pts.

Rotate Image

  • User can rotate all the pages of the file when click this button.
  • Rotate Image will allow to rotate in one direction.

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As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write on our forum.

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