We are pleased to announce another monthly release of GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 17.10. This release permits users to hide comments when converting from Cells. Conversion from STL and IFC is also introduced in 17.10 version of the API. Aside these features, API covers many improvements and bug fixes. Such as Slides to XPS conversion is improved. We’d recommend you to download this latest release and share your documents conversion experience.

Document Conversion API for Java - Features

GroupDocs Document Conversion API - Improvements

  • Simplify the generated HTML markup
  • Convert Diagram to Html improvements
  • Conversion from SVG improvement
  • Email to Html conversion improvement
  • Improved public API
  • Improve document savers for saving complete document and save by page
  • Cells To XPS conversion improvement
  • WatermarkOptions is instantiated default Width and Height of the watermark
  • Set default transparency of watermark to 0.5
  • Slides To XPS conversion improvement
  • Expose FileType and PagesCount properties in ConvertedDocument class

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java 17.10 - Bug Fixes

  • Converting to Html with SaveOptions.FixedLayout=false always produce fixed layout html conversion
  • PPTX to HTML Conversion - While converting pptx to html found improper text formatting of Header or missing text
  • ImageSaveOptions.TiffOptions.Compression does not seem to work
  • PPTX to HTML Conversion - Image without background converted with white background also white dot is added near Header Text
  • Images are missing when PDF is saved to EPUB
  • Incorrect conversion from One to Pdf
  • PsdOptions does not have constrcutor
  • Converting HTML with external resources produce wrong output
  • Pdf locked with modification password but without view password cannot be converted
  • Conversion .html to .pdf doesn’t load .css and image resources from relative path
  • Simplify the generated HTML markup
  • File extension for filetype is not reliable
  • Corrupted Jpeg scan component id definition. Cannot load image

Available Channels and ResourcesHere are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Conversion: