Change Text Background Color Dynamically using GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET 17.12

GroupDocs team is proudly announcing the monthly release of GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET API version 17.12. Using the latest version, you can change text background color dynamically in word processing and email documents. You can also change chart axis title dynamically in word processing documents. Furthermore, you can insert images and barcodes dynamically in email messages (.msg) with RTF body. We recommend you to download and use the latest version of API.

Document Generation API for .NET – New Features

GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET introduces the following new features in version 17.12 of the API:
  • Support dynamic insertion of images for MSG messages with RTF body
  • Support dynamic shape fill color setting for Word Processing documents
  • Support dynamic shape fill color setting for email messages with HTML body
  • Support dynamic shape fill color setting for email messages with RTF body
  • Support dynamic chart axis title setting for Word Processing documents

Change chart axis title dynamically in Word Processing documents

From now, template syntax expressions are supported in chart axis titles. Thus, to set a chart axis title dynamically, you can put an expression tag into it like in the following example: <<[axis_title_expression]>>

Change text background color dynamically in Word Processing and Email file formats

You can set text background color for document contents dynamically using backColor tags. The syntax of a backColor tag is defined as follows: <<backColor[color_expression]>> content_to_be_colored <</backColor>>

Available Channels and Resources

Here are a few channels and resources for you to download, learn, try and get technical support on GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET:


We observe your feedback carefully, please share your feedback about GroupDocs.Assembly for .NET API. We will be happy to know your thoughts and we will try to enhance your experience with the API. Just create a forum thread and our dedicated support team will be there to respond.