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February 2018

.NET Document Viewer APIs for C#, WPF and ASPdotNET Applications
Render PDF, Word, Excel, Outlook, HTML and Image formats within

Securely Sign Official Documents with Stamp Signatures

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a powerful file viewer API for rendering over 50 documents and image file formats within .NET applications. It rasterizes documents and images both, renders text and converts them to SVG + HTML + CSS – offering a high-fidelity true-text, native document rendering.

GroupDocs document viewer APIs are reliable and quickly display different document formats by adding just a few lines of simple code in your .NET applications.

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Available for: Java

Product News

Product News

Product News

pare PDF Annotations in .NET Applications

GroupDocs.Annotation for .NET APIs allow PDF annotations comparison features now. Some other important improvements like public bool property LicenseChecker, page mapper for PDF and comparison of tables are also introduced in this release. Read more details here.

Manipulate Watermark Objects in PowerPoint and Visio Documents in .NET

GroupDocs.Watermark for .NET now adds the support of editing the objects that can be considered as watermark in Microsoft PowerPoint and MS Visio documents. For PowerPoint, this feature is supported for the shapes currently. Read more details here.

Show or Hide Tracked Changes in Word Documents in Java Applications

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java adds support of viewing new file formats like VSTX and VSSX (Microsoft Visio), ONE (OneNote) and DjVu (multi-layer raster image). The document viewer API has added a setting to override the default behavior of the API. If you want to see tracked changes in your rendering result, use getWordsOptions.setShowTrackedChanges method of RenderOptions (ImageOptions, HtmlOptions or PdfFileOptions) and pass it to corresponding ViewerHandler (ViewerImageHandler or ViewerHtmlHandler). Read more details here.

Add Text Signatures with Shadow for Business Document Formats

Using GroupDocs.Signature for .NET, users can set text signatures with shadow in any popular business document format like: Word, Excel and PowerPoint Slides. Many important feature improvements are also made in this release. Read more details here.

From the Library

From the Library

From the Library

How to: Render Notes in Presentation Documents in .NET?

GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET announces the support of rendering Jpeg2000, PostScript, POTM and PPSM file formats. It also adds the option to show or hide the notes when rendering Presentation documents. .NET developers can also work with the layers in CAD documents. Read more details here.

How to: Convert from DWF Format in .NET?

GroupDocs.Conversion for .NET now supports DWF (Design Web Format). Caching with provided LocalCacheDataHandler is improved and issues like conversion from ODG, IFC are also resolved. Read more details here.

How to: Change Title and Text Background Color Dynamically from Word and Email File Formats?

Using GroupDocs.Assembly users can now change text background color dynamically in word processing and email documents within .NET and Java applications. It allows changing chart axis title dynamically in word processing documents as well as inserting images and barcodes dynamically in email messages (msg) with RTF body.




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Product Releases and Updates

GroupDocs.Total for .NET – The latest versions of GroupDocs .NET APIs packaged into one product suite.

GroupDocs.Total for Java – The latest versions of GroupDocs Java APIs packaged into one product suite.

ASP.NET WebForms Document Metadata Editor App 1.0 – Read and remove the metadata of documents (Words, Spreadsheet, Presentation, PDF) and images (JPEG, PNG, GIF) with downloading the original or updated documents.

GroupDocs.Signature for .NET 18.1 – Users can add text Shadow in Text Signatures using improved TextShadow class.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 17.3.2 - The issue with classes with similar names were overwritten when API was loaded. Noe this issue is fixed.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 17.10.2 – Change position, visibility and color behavior of added annotation.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java 17.3.1 – Validate API license using isValidLicense() method.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java 17.10.1 – Exception generated while downloading annotated pdf document is now fixed.

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