Upcoming Release of GroupDocs.Merger for .NET

GroupDocs Editor for .NET

We are about to release GroupDocs.Merger for .NET, a full featured, back-end API that could easily be utilized by .NET developers in their projects. It will allow trimming and swapping of pages. Document protection will be managed by GroupDocs.Merger for .NET. Moreover, API will allow to merge two documents of same format into single.

Features Offered by GroupDocs.Merger for .NET

GroupDocs will keep on updating this API with new features. An initial list of features offered by the API will be:

  • Move/reorder pages
  • Remove and swap document pages
  • Trim and split document
  • Document protection management
  • Join Document

First Version Availability

We are finalizing the first release of GroupDocs.Merger for .NET and hope that you will be able to avail it very soon. Please stay tuned for further updates. We would be happy to hear your queries or suggestions at GroupDocs.Merger forum.

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